Yesterday was quite an emotional day…negative and postive aspects of me were shown…and that was very rare..

Yesterday was the day where i will be getting back my english and maths results. I was more confident of passing english than maths. First lesson was maths and i failed. ALL THANKS TO CARELESS MISTAKES! Totally disappointed with myself..till now my father dont even know anything. Just pray that this wont have a severe impact on my overall ca1 results. Next lesson was literature…go through more and more examples of main characters..next friday will be the test.. i must get a good grade for it. Finally english came. Results was announced…i was one of the highest with a pathetic grade 32/50. Hightest was Alice with a mark of 33/5o. But this is not the overall grade. I was turning more and more happy as recess time drew near. Postive enegry was flowing thorugh me. But then it did not last long. Soon my friend came and asked my friends and i whether we can wait for her to buy something. But we did not want and she showed a middle finger before heading back to her seat. I was clearly enraged..just because you dont wish to join your friend, you get a middle finger?!

Recess was fine..talked and talked… last lesson was POA. Didnt bring one of the questions but sill managed to understand..fine. After school, went to canteen to have lunch with my friends. Then suddenly i saw my 2nd godsister bf taking a bench and wanting to hit me…

Turned out it was because he dont like the way i treated his gf…he mistakenly assume i like to beat her…bloody idiotic person..i wont forgive him unless he apologise. I was so shocked…

After that i spent my time waiting for my debate teacher. As i stood there waiting, i kept thinking of that incident which makes me even more angry. That shows that i cant be alone if i am angry. Soon my teacher came and we started our prepartions.

Jump and jump…..finally we won the second round ..which means the teachers have to treat us to ice cream!



I think today is the only day where i had so many tests! History test, social studies test and Maths test. I did not give enough points for history test. For social studies, i got no time to finish the last point. Maths test, i made some careless mistakes! Now i can only looked back in regret……its just so frustrating. Today i am supposed to present a cause of conflict but due to lack of time, changed to Monday.

Tomorrow is also SYF Soundtest…will be missing lessons from 8 to 12pm Even though i am quite happy but i will be missing my chinese examination and POA lessons. POA is not something that can be learned by 1 lesson..need constant practise. I cannot fall behind. Busy again due to debate and guitar. For debate, i may be one of the speakers again. Actually i do not want to speak for this round, but Miss Karen said that some of them will have CCA on friday so yeah..from 7 to 10pm. Very tiring..i guess i will be sleeping very soundly right after the debate.

Anyway today i had english lessons and teacher mentioned that my class did badly for the compre and summary. I was quite worried and asked her about my results-turned out that i was one of the highest scorers for compre. Happy…to be frank my class standard was quite high. So it was unexpected for me to pass.

I think i am getting a bit obessed with my phone again. I kept asking my friends for songs this week. Still not satasifed …must learn the value of contentment..haha.  You know what? i gtg…so bye

Road Race

Yesterday was the school annual road race. Reached Bedok  reservior at 7.10am, saw many lysians gathering in their cliques and chatting. Went over to my class..which consists of only a pathetic few of us. Helped Mr Kennedy taked attendance and other admin matters. Seriously only about 40% of my class attended the event. The other 60% must have thought it to be a waste of time and enegry, hence not attending it.

Soon we were told to put our bags at a fixed place-the tent and were to gather in our colour houses. After that did some basic warm-up and waited for our turn. I wasnt really sure whether i have enough enegry a not but i still ran. The lower sec ran first..and then the upper sec. Girls ran first so we walked briskly to the starting point. Enthusiam was buliding up and we were off ! Ran 4km for 35 mins…almost fainted when i reached…drank 1 bottle down immediately..dont know how much calories i lost while running

Next was the prize-giving ceremony…i dont know what was the problem but the people took so long for it to proceed, meanwhile we were all sitting in our houses. I am not a green person-as in i dont really like sitting on grass patches or play on it..so yesterday was one of the rare few times when i really sat on it. Dont expect me to do it again xD. Soon the ceremony started and my house won the trophy…proud of my house.

Actually when i first learned i was in Green House, i didnt really like it because i thought all the people i seen are not really that sporty. But now i have changed my impression. I didnt go home immediately after the road race. Went to White Sands with Kelly and friends…lunched at Mcdonalds..and then go home. I wasnt supposed to do that..but i did. Had a enjoyable time with them

Currently reading a leadership book by Carlyn Fiorina…about business. Being A CEO is a very tough job….and reading this book make me feel like studying business… I know this type of book are meant for people like my dad..but i am just curious..will continue reading

Next week is CA test…for maths…Will prepare for it. And yeah i received the debate motion today which is THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THAT ADULTRY SHOULD BE CRIMMINALISED…apologise for spelling error..and we are the OPPOSITION! Omg, now its hard for me to think out..can anyone help? We are against North View Sec.

My diary

This morning i woke up feeling refreshed and motivated. Did all my necessary prepartions and went to school . I even bring my geography assessment book to try and complete the book as soon as possible so that i could get back my phone.  I am getting more and more desperate for it.

During assembly, we heard that today there is an fire drill. I knew it long ago by my teachers so it was not a surprise to me. Even though fire drills let us have the advantage of not having lessons, what i hate is the fact that we have to sit in the field. Standing is not an issue but sitting on it is totally disguting and dirty. The bell sounded at 8.20 which was another surprise cause usually fire drills only starts after 9am. Walked to the field and gather in our own classes. Basically i was chatting non-stop during that time. I did not sit but squat, eventually i stand.

When the drill ended , it was time for history. We did a essay question in the forum. I could not finish it so right now i am doing it. Recess time, i ate and then go to library. When i reached the library entrance, there were many people outside. Turns out that they could not go in as they were too noisy, i still manage to get in. Madam Ena , the manager actually locked the doors to prevent them from getting in. I found it quite amusing.

POA was next and there was a test. The duration for the test was quite short and i made some careless mistakes…argh. Last lesson was maths, yet another test but i got more confidence in it. I believe i can pass.

Ate lunch with Fatin. Guitar lesson soon started. Helped to set  up the chairs and tune guitar. Then Mr Yeo suddenly want us – ONE from each section to plaay. I was confirmed chosen because there were only me and my senior in the section. Did not perform well…wasnt prepared. Pratice after that and i improved..

Tomorrow will be the Road race. I will be running-as in really run. Ya and i guess i am too tired so good night!


There is a time for everything..a time to laugh, a time to cry, a time to reflect and many more.

Yesterday i reached home in the evening ..feeling exhausted and hungry. Bathe as fast as i could and i went to the dining area for dinner. I was getting to read newspaper (normal routine) Then suddenly my dad asked me about the edusave thingy. This matter has been frustrating me and my stepmum and also the school. And then he choose to ask me just at that time when i want to relax. As a result, cannot read and was angry. After i finished studying, i watched television. Half an hour into bedtime, my stepmum suddenly asked me to switich off the televison and discuss unhappy things. Angry was the obvious emotion..cannot even relax! But thank God that i am a person who dont remain angry forever. This is just one of those bad days..

Today was fine. Tomorrow got maths revision test and POA test ..i can handle. Recently i just realised i can cope with my subjects…haha okay thats errrr…. Anyway today i also went to Duman High for the guitar exchange progamme …it was beneficial to me. Very fun …i am lazy to describe here. These was one of my happy days… Life is not a bed of roses. Friday will be the road race..most likely i will be running if i am not sick.

TIME…will be posting other day cause of TIME


I just feel like bashing something now…..Thank God for this blog otherwise i would not have any outlet to express myself. And i would feel the intense pain of wanting to pour out but could not…this feeling is so painful..

Whenever i think of my handphone, The pain just comes back. The pain of knowing that your own handphone would be there if you have not broken a simple rule. Now i need to complete my sec 2 geography assessment book if i want to get back. But now with my life being so busy……HOW? Oh my, i just could shed tears over it. Sorry for writing until so sad…but now i am really moody..

Today i went back to school..lessons were normal. I got back my history test results 10/15, not so bad highest is only 11/15. Chinese lesson, have a spelling test…i am prepared to get lower marks than my previous test, did not really study as i was busy with my other homework. Biology was fine..a bit confused with the map reading. Finally social studies…have a  open book test..easy..

I can cope with my subjects which is a huge relief for me as i intially thought i could not. But in school there is this particular person who bring some pressure to me in friendship. I do not want to mention her but no matter what, this got to be solved…she is shimin. Last year we undergo a very severe test of our friendship and managed to reconcile back. I really want to get our friendship to the same state as it was in the beginning but it was impossible. People have changed including their views. I know that the scars will always be there.

In friendship, after you know a friend for a while..suddenly their flaws will emerge..and you have to accept it cause everyone else have their own flaws. You will also ask your friend to change certain things ..to be better. But you will start to hate it if your friend continue to persist in their flaws. I will never understand her. Everytime she turns cold to me, i try to find out why and then try to improve it. After i improve it, she finds another reason to be cold and i will be left thinking again. Since Sec 1, it has been like that ..and frustration builds up in me. Am i that bad? I ask myself…..i constantly assess myself based on her views. Why must i change for her? Then as time passes by i found out why…i need a close friend..a friend who could understand me.

I found one which is a blessing . Now my friendship with shimin is like nothing… i did not talk a single thing to her today. Not because of quarrels(that is what everyone always think) but i simply got nothing to say. I do not want to tire myself out trying to change for her all the time. I cannot make everyone happy..at most live in peace…


Hai -change to a hi…

These days i feel very boring. Just doing things for the sake of doing without any special purpose or future i can look to. Complaining and whining at illness and then recovering. I know this is part of life. Tomorrow i will be going to school just like i always do. But i want to have a new meaning, enegry. I need  a purpose badly. Especially since this year i will be having more and more homework .

All past posts you have seen are all whinings from me…its useless. And i know that. So now dont even take a peep at it. For now i am satasfied for finishing my homework…wont be in a hurry to rush here or there. I need to be satisifed at small things to accomplish bigger things..

So slowly slowly…steady…go!


I cant find my literature worksheet ……tomorrow i need it! i am just so busy and now i am sick. Flu and cough but i have recovered from flu. Due to that i cant breathe well and get so breathless after climbing up a few steps..i hate it- the feeling of being so tired. I really must do something about this. I cant be the same anymore , i have to adjust my schedule. Got to sleep earlier . I need to rest well.

Today have SBQ Test, and i dont know what i am writing about. Stayed back after school for physics tutorial. I knew i should not be there in the first place but thanks to my laziness. I fail my test.

You noticed that the way i am writing now is just purely on what i thought of in no particular order. There are just too many things to write. I wish i could just teleport all of my thoughts here but its impossible. I am exhausted so i shall stop here