I think today is the only day where i had so many tests! History test, social studies test and Maths test. I did not give enough points for history test. For social studies, i got no time to finish the last point. Maths test, i made some careless mistakes! Now i can only looked back in regret……its just so frustrating. Today i am supposed to present a cause of conflict but due to lack of time, changed to Monday.

Tomorrow is also SYF Soundtest…will be missing lessons from 8 to 12pm Even though i am quite happy but i will be missing my chinese examination and POA lessons. POA is not something that can be learned by 1 lesson..need constant practise. I cannot fall behind. Busy again due to debate and guitar. For debate, i may be one of the speakers again. Actually i do not want to speak for this round, but Miss Karen said that some of them will have CCA on friday so yeah..from 7 to 10pm. Very tiring..i guess i will be sleeping very soundly right after the debate.

Anyway today i had english lessons and teacher mentioned that my class did badly for the compre and summary. I was quite worried and asked her about my results-turned out that i was one of the highest scorers for compre. Happy…to be frank my class standard was quite high. So it was unexpected for me to pass.

I think i am getting a bit obessed with my phone again. I kept asking my friends for songs this week. Still not satasifed …must learn the value of contentment..haha.  You know what? i gtg…so bye


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