I already knew what to type even before typing now..hehe

This sounds so outdated but O-level is over by 2 weeks already..

To me, O-level is like a marathon race…

I am glad that i had completed it:)

I looked forward to freedom..but when it came…i felt so empty

As i had nothing to do at all other than wait for O-level results..

I cannot stand the fact that im going to stay at home and do nothing..

So through a help of a good friend..i got an admin job..without interview…and i am thankful

Work started Last Thursday..

Before i started work..i went out and had an awesome time with my friends..

Really throughly enjoyed myself…and i am already thinking out of when we can go out again..

A pity it’ll have to wait till Jan..due to work

Regarding work…i am really thankful i had a wonderful boss..

She is so patient and kind towards me..i am just a temp..but she treated me so kindly..like i am her niece or something

I tried to be an asset to her instead of being a liability

Thank God for her…

I have seen the biggest boss in the company…she was so fierce….

This made me appreciate my boss more:)

Just last night, i dreamt about receiving my O-level results…

The dream was wonderful…

I am already anticipating for release of results since last week?

Yup i cannot wait..and so i had to work..so i can stop my imagination from turning wild

And yes i am looking forward to my birthday!:)

From young till now…i always look forward to my birthday..

Although i do get older…but the fact that i am born on that day makes me feel special..haha

Especially so since i am born in the month of December..it seems like i am waiting for 2 years even though everyone also goes through the same period as me…

And i always make sure that i do not get upset on that day..haha

I thank God for everything…look forward to post next time;)