All of my days…to serve God

And my eyes, they look onto you always

And I am captured by your majesty

All of my days i will sing of your goodness

All of my days i will sing of your praise

All of my days i will tell of your wondrous love

Your love in my life..Your Love…


Be it good times or bad times, God has always been by my side.

Thank God.  Let me get back to the heart of worship.



I have not really reflect deeply for a long time. And its really kind of scary with the absence of reflections especially for me.

Without reflections, i would not have realise if i became better or worse. I will unknowingly get caught in the things of this world and lose myself in it.

With the world getting more and more interconnected, accessability to any kind of information can be made within a matter of seconds. Without moral principles and values, one can get lost easily and just blindly follow without knowing the consequences.  

Nowadays there is no clear line between right and wrong. It seems that if there is a reasonable reason to a person commiting that crime shown in court, the punishment will be reduced.

For me, i thank God for the bible.

I had backslidden from him before and i experience misery without Him. For i had no contentment and nothing could satisfy me. But when i went back to Him, i realised that true happiness and contentment is found in Him.

Without Him, i think i would have been lost.


I thought that this blog will be left for dead ever since i started poly, but i could not bear to see it dead.

I like to see my own blog having lots of lots post, each post detailing a small portion of my life. And then when i look back at it in the future, i am able to see myself and learn from it.

Since April, i have been going to poly and attending my business course. Taking modules ranging from microeconomics, statistics, IT, princples of management, effective commns and accounting. I could not keep it up in the beginning as i am not used to their system of lectures and tutorials every week. I have to revise at home otherwise i would be left out. My first tests for all these modules came back with medicore results and i hope to improve it in the following tests.

Accounting: A

Effective commns: B

IT: C+


Microecons: C

I still am setting high expectations for  myself, so i am kind of disappointed with the Cs but i will put in more effort to improve in the next round.

Other than acadamic matters, i have made wonderful friends in my class as well. Being in a small group of 8(including me), made life more interesting as each of my friends have unqiue personality, which created hilarious  jokes. I find myself relaxing being with them and sometimes could even forget the tough situations that i am facing. I thank God for them.

I have to admit that during my time in poly, my personal time with God had abruptly stopped.

I knew that its not good, so i am trying to do it twice a week, at least, better than nothing.

Before the June 2 weeks break, i was given numerous group projects by various module teachers. As i know that one week would be spent in taiwan, i rushed to get started on my projects on the earlier one week. Its crazy and tiring for me. My projects presentations would be in 2 to 3 weeks time. So far, my group  projects are on the way to completion. All thanks to my group mates.

Half a year has gone in an blink of a eye. If i were to look back from Jan till now, all i could say is i am learning and adapting from new school to new friends.