Yesterday was one of the most relaxing and smoothest sundays i have 🙂

Kboxed with my crmcc friends. Sang straight for three hours. Sang/screamed until no voice.
Window shopping at bugis street after that.
Ate Tze Char for dinner and its very satisfying.
No hiccups or whatsoever.
Ttuly grateful to God for that 🙂

One fact about me: I like taking personality tests
And i think i have overanalysed myself.
I dun bother anyway.

Well i am a chorleric plus melancholic

Chorleric people are the leadership types who take the lead and are in control. Good leaders but are not good in interpersonal relations as they tend to offend people accidentally with their cutting remarks. Goal oriented individuals, they always pursure it with determination.
They are extoverts.

Melancholic people are perfectionts and idealists. They are deep thinkers and are good at analysing problems. They are introverts and are more prone to negativity as they are sensitive and easily hurt by cutting remarks.

A mix of both and kind of contradictory.

Nowadays i do not know why but i view life with a more bo chap attiude.
I am just taking life one day at a time, am not bothered much and am just contented.
I just do not care much anymore.
Its good in a way but bad also.
I am like sometimes forgetting what my purpose on earth is.

Oh well not dwelling on it much now..


Suddenly inspired..thoughts

A person being in solitude for too long may end up depressed, losing the energy and zest for life

A person being out for too long in the company of others may end up rushing through life without pausing to gather his/her thoughts may burn himself/herself out.

Humans need to interact with others but there are times when they need to pause and rest.

But in the world today, they often overemphasize on the first part, but not the latter part.

This is especially obvious in developed countries where people are constantly going through the routine of working for 5 whole days in a week and left only 2 days for themselves. These two days are typically spent on entertainment and leisure. The remaining hours are spent on sleeping. Not many people will actually pause to gather his/her thoughts.

It is very easy to get burned out because not only does the body need rest; the mind needs to stop to recollect everything before continuing its course.  In each of us, we have a unique identity and personality. We have different mindsets and goals too. We also have feelings, the part that really makes us human.  We each also have a soul where we derive our purpose of life from.

Often we focus on the feelings, the ambitions that we have but we neglect the soul part where we derive out purpose of living. Everyone definitely has a reason for living. There are many reasons but what keeps people going is the real one deep inside each person heart.

Most people often have this thought of working hard through life and then only fulfilling their heart desires when they retire.  Personally I do not find this to be the best solution. For we do not know what tomorrow might bring.

It may seems illogical to immediately jump on it without considering the practical consequences. Balance is key.  Time will not wait for us.  Grab the opportunity to do it as soon as you can and make sure to know your priorities.

For when we truly do what we really mean to do, we will find a motivation that sustains us through life’s challenges, be it big or small.  Everything starts with a small step. Starting now is better than waiting till when you are old to do it.

Live as we think and not the other way round.

Liking Super junior songs

I am a fan of Super junior and i am a KRY bias.
They have great voices and i like their respective solos( especially kyuhyun)


This song is very smooth and gentle and makes me fall in love with him

Another song, potraying his powerful voice 🙂


Gentle but yet powerful voice


Powerful and deep voice


A lethal combination:)

I love all of them 🙂

Childish thoughts

Sometimes there are these thoughts coursing through my head whenever i feel edgy.

I am almost turning 18 but yet i have a study timetable. Typically i have to study from 9 am to 11.30am in the morning, 2.30pm to 5pm and 8 to 9pm at night. No life right? And i have only one hour to access the internet every day which i must seek parental consent.
This was implemented since i was 10 years old.
My dad have this view that quantity is better then quality when it comes to studies.
I debated/discussed/argued with him many times in the past but it was futile. Since he has the authority and i have none.
I used to become rebellious before but it does not help me at all.
So i am no longer doing anything, i am just numb.
Because i think that there is no point since even i have no timetable, there will not be any difference.

I do not study at all most of the time. I just daydream, listen to music, sleep, read books.
I do study when i need to and i am motivated to.
Not motivated by study timetable but out of my own accord, where i aim to improve myself.
So there is not much difference even if i have none. Besides i only get to only use one hour of computer everyday.

Yes i can ask, with my good results for more freedom. But i am just tired/scared to ask because i lack the faith that it will be granted. No hope at all. Whenever i hear the word’study time” , it just makes me feel like i have no life.

I know that i am sounding foolish here, but sometimes i feel this way. Its not easy to see the good intentions behind it when the difference between me and my peers is so big.

But i am grateful for it for only one thing:  It force myself to become more motivated, it keeps my life more simple and carefree since i am not going out much and i do not face many problems as compared to my peers.

Honestly i do not know when i can stop but till then i will try to not treat it like it is malfunctioning my life.
After all i am still a child at heart. But i know that i am becoming a young adult and i can control my mind and the way i live.


Today i went to school just like usual, working in CRMCC from 9am to 5.30pm.
Its just like the same as the past few weeks, the same routine.
Chatting with friends whenever i am bored and making sure that i do finish my work properly.

I had been really wondering whether i could surivive office life in the future. I am not afraid of the timing but i am afraid of the crowd.
Imagine squeezing in the train to work in the morning, having to find and chop seats with a packet of tissue paper( that what i see most people does) for lunch and squeeze in the train to go home.
From Monday to Friday.

I am comfortable with routine but not with crowds. Getting a car? No way. Not till i get a house of my own. Routine brings stability. Oh well but i see how. I am still thinking of going towards the social services sector. Doing business and helping people at the same time.

Shifting my thoughts to routine. I am more of a planner then a last minute person. And i am usually
happy with this fact. But just recently i realise that its not that awesome.
While it brings stability, it robs you of creativity, limits you from experiencing more of life and it may also steal passion and zest for life.
Especially when nothing changes, you know what is expected.
Balancing is key.

Love this song, especially with the meaningful lyrics.
Love is that pure and that sweet, we are the ones who makes it complicated.

Does really having no money, controls your way of living and you cannot do anything about it.
Circumstances can really force a person to be cynical? Submitting to his/her own fate?

When there’s a will, there will always be a way. I believe it comes down to the person’s determination to get stronger and control the circumstances and not let it control him/her. It also comes down to priorities. What is truly imporatant. Whatever decisions you make early in life will have somehow an impact later on, whether good or bad.
But the good thing is, every day is a new day. What may happened yesterday, you can make the effort to change it.

But if you do not try, then everything will be the same. Even if people wants to help you, they can but possibly not all the time.
I want to help but i cannot.
Knowing that a perosn needs help and i can’t just sucks. Seeing people in need and you know that the only way out is to not help just sucks.
Oh well……..


My youngest brother named Ivan, three years old this year, one of the joys in my life 🙂
Although 15 years apart but love connects everything.
Just playing and laughing with him makes my day and teach me that joys can be derived from something so simle

This was taken when i was 9 years old…..

My younger sister at the background,
Now i am gonna turn 18
I look so different 9 years ago!

I love them both.
I have 2 other sisters both 5 years and 4 years old respectively.
I feel so old whenever i mention their ages 😡
But i love the fact that they are still so young, can play with them.
Childhood phrase is short and it should be the best fun-filled time they can have.
I personally want them to enjoy and be carefree.
Its not to day that adults and teenagers cannot have it too.
But its harder to achieve that same level of being carefree.
Personally i do not want to find myself dragging through life routines every single day.
So i take everything one day at a time.

Blogging through iPhone. I just cannot resist blogging because I am afraid that my thoughts would slip away as time passes. There are times when thoughts would just come flooding in and I could not blog. This feeling just sucks. I love to think and over think at times. Mostly thinking about the future. My future career would involve helping others and using my skills to contribute. I am just aiming for a simple and contented lifestyle. Not too structured so that I could pursue my interests like learning to play piano. I just leave everything up to God. Sometimes I tend to focus too much until I somehow forgotten that I still have a couple of years to go. To live life with meaning is what I aim for. That every single day when I am awake, no matter heat difficulties I face, at least I know I am doing it for a purpose. To help others requires me to help myself first. There are areas where I still need improvement. Impatience, stubbornness a few of the traits that I need to change. And most importantly placing God in the center of every area of my life. I also have to learn how to be more confident internally and not base it on the opinions of others. Growing up day by day, I pray that I not get cynical. It’s not easy to keep hope and faith in situations but I will still do it. Because there are miracles

To start off, I like Super Junior:)
I am not that obessive with them but i like and enjoy their songs a lot.
This song : My all is in you chinese version is one of my favourite songs.
I especially like Kyuhyun, the youngest in Super junior. His voice is truly a gift from God.

I am currently under a TEP attachment in Nanyang Poly Business management course.
I am allocated to work in a call centre currently till mid-may.
So far everything is smooth sailing, i have made new friends and even know my future classmates through them. Thank God for this.

2012 is a definitely different year for me as compared to 2011. My priorities has changed, my thinking has deepened and things that used to matter much do not matter anymore.
I do not know personally whether this thinking of mine is good or bad but it seems right to me now.

Friendship is no longer the most important priority in my life now. It is still important but not that important. After what i had been through the last 2 years, i realised that even though i might put that person as my first priority, that person may put me as her last priority.

I have no longer have much faith in having everlasting friendships like i used to. I still hope but now i just do my part and leave the rest to God.

Still optimistic but i am more cautious now. Just live one day at a time.

First post

First to start off,

I am going to be completely honest in this blog. But definitely i am not gonna reveal everything about myself.
I will try not to complain 🙂

This blog is about my life, my simple thankfullness towards life simple pleasures.
To benefit myself and to let myself know that life is precious and its not worth to waste it on worthless stuff.
And also for readers to know me more.