In the midst of everything

How often do we focus on the things that really matter in the midst of busyness?

In this world, busyness is the norm. If you are not busy, you are considered ‘lazy’

For example, a student enjoying his holidays..and the father ask..

Don’t you have any tutorials or cca this week?

Don’t you have homework?

Why are you just lazing around watching television?

Must we actually be attending lots of school activities to be considered diligent?

Last Friday a powerful earthquake struck Japan..and triggered the tsunami

The tsunami practically swept away towns, cars and people.

It happened in the afternoon when most adults were working and most students were in schools studying

Adults working to earn money to support their families..

Students studying for a better future..

No one would have expected the disaster that struck next

They did not even have a chance to say some last words to their family..

Life is unpredictable..

And since that is so, we should be making time for our families and friends

For money can always be earned and education can always start later..

Let us not be complacent



I have not blogged for last month..

Let me just share with you what i have been up to..

I attempted to try working at swensons …my first time working in F & B

But i quit after 2 days..

Its my fault for giving up so easily and my impatience with people…and my habit of worrying excessively

But no matter what i will not go into that kind of business..

As i do not like working in shifts and having to work on weekends

In fact it only serves to tell me that i should work in

At least i got proper lunch and dinner and i do not have to work on weekends!

So for one month after that i stopped working..

I have no idea how it went..

But i know i am going brain dead..

And so last week i worked in a clearance sale with shimin..

She joined me for 3 my work in retail was not unbearable

Stand for 9 hours a day..1 hour of break in between..

It was tiring and boring..

But i met some nice people there…so it was not that bad

Actually after working a bit in F&B and retail..i appreciate the people working there more

Especially because i am not suited for it

Long hours of standing but have to put on a gracious front is not easy

Facing unpleasant customers but yet have to speak politely…

Bravo i must say