30 December

I just received the news that tomorrow i have guitar practise from 9 to 11am, i mean just now. If today i happen to not use computer, i will be receiving a gracious phone call from the school.

Of course i will get scolded by auntie winnie, usually if i have any thing on, i got to mention it a week earlier. But thank God i wasnt badly scolded as i myself only know the news just now.

Okay anyway. Recently i have thinking a lot. Especially after that sermon. In order to live the God-kind of live, have the holy spirit in me, i got to get baptized. To be frank, i have been thinking a lot regarding this topic. I attended class 101 twice but yet i am not baptized because i told myself that if i behave really well then i will get baptized. But it is not possible due to my sinful nature, which i have just realized. And then for the past two years, i kept telling myself that i shouldnt get baptized yet…for two reasons.

Firstly i dont like people looking at me as someone pray for me and then bring me down into the water. Not dont like, it is more of pressure. I cant do anything wrong-this type of pressure.

Secondly i kept telling myself to be perfect then only i will get baptized..but i now know it is impossible.

These two reasons, more of excuses are why i didnt get baptized. But now i really want to get, i just cant  wait. I want to help out in the kingdom of God. I cant wait anymore. And i shall start with little things..then who knows. God will lead me to where i will be



Today i went to church, and looking forward to the songs that the worship leader is going to sing. Looking forward to everything.

Sermon was over DVD. And the preacher was totally amazing. I was defintely inspired after that.

I guess today will be my shortest post as i dont have much time so take care!

Offically 14!

Happy birthday to me! haha i am offically 14 today! finally!

Anyway last night i went to a christmas dinner in a japanese restruant. Pardon my spelling error…still striving to improve my english..haha. Aiming for a A. Went with my sister only for the very first time. My dad finally let me to bring her out..i think most likely forced to because they have other plans. They refers to my dad and stepmum. This christmas dinner was organised by my church leader.

I was happy especially because this is a time where my sister and i can talk more freely. Reached there and there was no one in sight. Because we were 10 mins early. But then i check around and then finally some of them reached. The japanese resturant that we went to was the same one that we went on tuseday, but in another location. My sister and i were surprised ..but then we were okay with it. Food was nice.. actually during the time i was with them from the beginning, i thought they didnt know that my birthday was on the following day. But then towards the end, they suddenly sang a brithday song. I was touched..haha. Enjoyed myself well .

Today i woke up, knowing that i am 14 already. And actually i was woken up by my sister who was singing the birthday song to me..haha. Then later ny dad woke up and wished me too. I told my dad that i want to watch a movie or go to compass point to see the little nyonya actors. Of course he preferred the former one. And so we went out in the afternoon. Watched Ip man, quite touching. Dinner was KFC then we ate the birthday cake. I feel that this birthday is quite pleasant and peaceful except for the fact that my stepmum kept scolding my sister the whole day over small things which left my sister in a foul mood the whole day.

Okay i got to go….and i thank God that my birthday is peaceful

To say the truth, this month has been pretty usel…

To say the truth, this month has been pretty useless for me.
I didnt used my holidays wisely…all i did was to read and read books full of detective stories until i am starting to get tired of it,
And now only just 2 more weeks and school will open and i become a upper secondary 3 student!
5 more days to MY BIRTHDAY and i am specially looking forward to it.
Finally that day is coming…i has been waiting for a year. Ya i know that everyone waits a year for it but it seems to me that for those who were born in the middle of the year….they wont feel that long..you know?
Christmas is only 3 days away and of course it is a special day but i dont have that festive feeling.
Asked my dad whether he has any plans and he just dont have.
Yesterday i watched the soccer match between singapore and vietnam. Singapore was doing better defintely compared to the first leg semi final. Singapore dominated the match and there were plenty if chances for singapore to score but then suddenly vietnam did a counter attack and by a stroke of luck they scored. I was clearly shocked at this revelation, no one expects it to turn out this way. And then suddenly just everything goes wrong. My sister was scolded for not sleeping on time and my stepmum starts insulting her on her results which i was clearly angry but didnt make any comments. My dad intervened and it ended on a sour note. Sometimes to say the truth, i feel that the standards my stepmum make is too hard for herself and even much more on us.
Anyway i loved to watch soccer….english premiership. No, i dont support any team…not really.
Okay i got to go…turning 10pm…time for sleep….

Come on

Hi i know i had not been posting for the past few days. Actually i am posting but it is a super long post so yeah..

Just to give you a little update of what i had been doing. Starts with a R- reading of coz what do you expect me to do? Last night i had been  watching a soccer match between singapore and vietnam. Nil-nil draw. Singapore is seriously lucky! There had been a few times where the vietnamese players almost scored but then due to a stroke of luck, the ball went past it. My heart was thumping wildly. Indeed singapore didnt perform well last night. During the second half, the vietnamese actually scored a own goal but because a singapore striker stand at a offside position so it is not counted. Do hope that this sunday will be a better one and my sis is complaining so i go off first

Heyofungo’s Blog › Tools — WordPress

Heyofungo’s Blog › Tools — WordPress.

I am a  ordinary secondary 3 student-turning next year. Birthday is on the 27th of december. more of my life will be through blog posts


I didnt sleep well last night. From 10pm till i dont know what time, i had been turning around, trying to get into a comfortable position. But still cannot work. And then i suddenly thought of my maid. She had went back  to her country in july. She had been working since when i was 8-9 years old. So I had been with her for like 6 years?

I miss her. I mean she is like with us for so long and suddenly her contract ends and she got to go off, no time to celebrate my birthday. I still can remember last year she buying my favourite biscuits. I feel so touched and i cry to sleep. pretty emotional yeah?

Recently the weather has been super cold and there will be moderate to heavy rain for the next few days. Having a flu now and i do hope the temperature will not go lower.

12 more days to my birthday and counting….

I want to improve the layout of my blog but dont know how to. Now it seems so dull right? I know this is a pretty short post as i have no agenda . I got something to say to those people who looked down on me, thought of this sentence. It is something like this: I may not have the best body or character in the whole world but at least i know how to live in peace with everyone and be contented with what i have unlike you who only yearn for more and more and get it through by looking down on people and underhand means.

Isnt it true? These type of people will never get contented because new gadgets are always coming up and then once again. Okay better stop it. I am not saying i am better than them ok.

I think i will stop here and get on to find out ways to improve my blog.


Let me first tell you that the timing is wrong! Absolutely wrong and i have no idea how to change it.

This morning i woke up feeling very sian…yeah i am a chinese. How to say? Every morning somehow the sunlight always crept in through my window and hit my eyes. And i have to turn away from it to slowly open my eyes. What a ‘great’ start to a day! Asked my sis what time was it and it was 9.05am. Oh no! i thought! Okay right now if you are reading this, you will be like: huh, okay what for most teenagers woke up later than that.

But it is not okay for me especially if my stepmum wakes up earlier than me. Stepmum? Yes i have one. My life is not really free like my peers. I got to study at 9 am till 11.30am, 2.30 to 5pm and 7.30 to 9pm. Study? Not really, i read library books and that is to keep me busy during these boring times. Not that i wanted it but i have to follow it as i had failed 2 miserable subjects for my final examination! Art@ D&t…..the least important subjects…

So i was a bit afraid when i heard the time but thank God my dad and auntie-stepmum were still sleeping. Btw today is a sunday and we always go to church. Yes i am a christian and i am proud of that. So rush forward….went out for breakfast before going to church, first time. Reason would be no time to prepare breakfast.

Ate chicken rice…kinda weird..intially wanted bee hoon but the stall changed/ Went to church, not many people there today. Maybe because they are accompanying pastor nettie as her bro passed away. Sadly. After service went to TM for lunch and buying food. TM was seriously crowded, wait such a long time to get into a carpark and park our car.

After that, went home. And then went out for dinner-century egg porridge! I ate it yesterday also. This time it is even more werid, we brought our own eggs so that we do not need to pay for extra eggs. So weird..but you know..this is how we saved money!

I got this problem. Everytime when i dont use comp, i always wanna blog. But then when the opportunity comes., i dont have it. Just to tell you, i am a quiet person if i am not really close to that person, so people dont really know me well. Sucks at first impressions

In class just because i am like that, often get insults from those people who think they are so cool just because they got whatever they wanted. I  tell you this type of people are the ones who sucks. Just because they dont really know me, they just picked …..

Thank God, getting into a new class next year. But yeah i know got to change certain things about myself. Like being more friendly..especially on that. Step out and be myself

Hello! This is officially the first post ..so yeah..i do hope that this blog can stay for a long time. Here i am with my sister named valarie. I address her a valerie and not valarie..haha

I am a ordinary secondary 3 student-turning into next year. Yeah and just to let you know i am turning 14 this month on the 27th. I looked forward to this special day-has been waiting for it for months and months and thank God it is coming soon!

Gender? Female…next question…okay that is too much

Hobbies: reading, watching tv and going out. if you  want me to be more fun..introduce me to new one lor

Hello world!

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