Yesterday was quite an emotional day…negative and postive aspects of me were shown…and that was very rare..

Yesterday was the day where i will be getting back my english and maths results. I was more confident of passing english than maths. First lesson was maths and i failed. ALL THANKS TO CARELESS MISTAKES! Totally disappointed with myself..till now my father dont even know anything. Just pray that this wont have a severe impact on my overall ca1 results. Next lesson was literature…go through more and more examples of main characters..next friday will be the test.. i must get a good grade for it. Finally english came. Results was announced…i was one of the highest with a pathetic grade 32/50. Hightest was Alice with a mark of 33/5o. But this is not the overall grade. I was turning more and more happy as recess time drew near. Postive enegry was flowing thorugh me. But then it did not last long. Soon my friend came and asked my friends and i whether we can wait for her to buy something. But we did not want and she showed a middle finger before heading back to her seat. I was clearly enraged..just because you dont wish to join your friend, you get a middle finger?!

Recess was fine..talked and talked… last lesson was POA. Didnt bring one of the questions but sill managed to understand..fine. After school, went to canteen to have lunch with my friends. Then suddenly i saw my 2nd godsister bf taking a bench and wanting to hit me…

Turned out it was because he dont like the way i treated his gf…he mistakenly assume i like to beat her…bloody idiotic person..i wont forgive him unless he apologise. I was so shocked…

After that i spent my time waiting for my debate teacher. As i stood there waiting, i kept thinking of that incident which makes me even more angry. That shows that i cant be alone if i am angry. Soon my teacher came and we started our prepartions.

Jump and jump…..finally we won the second round ..which means the teachers have to treat us to ice cream!


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