I am happy and contented with the results. Although i know that we could all have done better but nevertheless it was an improvement from a bronze to a sliver. We all have did our best on monday, the day where we finally reached. I am happy for everyone.

I still can remember the process of preparing for this compeition. When i first heard that we were going to play la camparsita again…my first impression was very boring…we already had played it for last year COl. But my impression improved more and more..through the practises. After learning how to play the 2 SYF songs, we had auditions. I was really afraid that i could not get in..this fear of mine propel me to work harder. Eventually i get in…i was happy. By then i managed to memorise the two songs. Now all we need was feelings………

We did our best in expressing out in the end.

To be frank, i am grateful to the whole ensemble…especially to the seniors. Amidst all these prepartions, i learnt many things. The importance of teamwork and more…….



Today is seriously i guess the only day where i change into different sets of clothes! I have to wear my school uniform…Pe clothes for Pe…..Guitar T-shirt and jeans for assembly performance and SYF costume…for practice! Was simply rushing in and out. I do hope that this will not happen again…so tiring.

We did not perform really well today…during assembly…as we had no feelings when playing the songs…feelings is a very important factor. During practice….we also did not do really well..SYF is just 6 days away. Everybody have to buck up and get at least a sliver . While performing the sad song, the Guzheng  members came in to put back their things. They performed today..their expression was very solemn and immediately we knew that something was wrong. Turned out that they gotten back their sliver which was their companion for the previous rounds. Some of the members even cried. I can relate to their feelings..but they got to take it easy. SYF standard is going up every year…thus making it harder to get a gold. Sliver is already good enough. I do hope that they wont put too much pressure on themselves. I also hope that my CCA wont come back with this expression too…So WORK HARDER!

a boy

Hi peeps…if you peep by everyday…by now you want to smash me cause i only update it today. Life has been hectic…seriously. Sometimes i am really stressed out. If i were to tell you my assignments…you will thank God. If i were to list them here…… would be countless.

My stepmum is having A BOY! I am really happy…since i have 1 younger sis and 2 baby half-sisters…. Enough of girls..haha. I am really happy. I will treat him with the same love that i have towards all my siblings of course. Who cares whether we come from the same parents anyway?

wont post too much….wanna find some names for my baby bro……cant look forward to it!

See this

Change Your World

by: Brian Tracy

You cannot change the world,
But you can present the world with one improved person –
You can go to work on yourself to make yourself
Into the kind of person you admire and respect.
You can become a role model and set a standard for others.
You can control and discipline yourself to resist acting
Or speaking in a negative way
Toward anyone for any reason.
You can insist upon always doing things the loving way,
Rather than the hurtful way.
By doing these things each day,
You can continue on your journey
Toward becoming an exceptional human being


Isnt this a beautiful poem? You cannot change the world but you can change yourself. I realised that all my posts were very negative..that is not good. Gonna stop complaining and whining…what is the point….life has to go on.

Today i took the risk of leaving my maths textbook and POA file under the table in my class. Yes i lost my maths textbook. I guess someone must have taken it as he/she needed it for the maths lesson. I do hope that this person would return it back. Think positive.

Tomorrow is Good Friday. In fact for everyone its good as it is a holiday. I’ll be going to City Harvest church evening service. It has been months since i last stepped in there.

Just now while studying..i suddenly thought of my primary school. wondering how my primary school friends are doing…sincerely wish them well. I only got a few primary school friends contacts which i find it a pity. 6 years…it was a very long time which was filled with sweet memories. I do hope i can meet some of them again. Singapore is so small…anything is possible.

Even though i complained about the weekly maths assignment that i got to do…i realised that it benefited me. I am able to solve questions easily…ya so its not that bad after all.

Life is not so bad as it seems after all


i want to relax……………………………………………………..i feel like screaming out it….can i scream?? Thanks to my maths assessment book…i cant relax……it adds to my burden even more. Not only do i have to complete a topic a week, i have to finish the corrections also! I spent 6 hours trying to complete  my corrections ….it is a lot i tell you. Exams, homework., SYF…maths assessment and another one which i have to complete by end of june…otherwise my dad would take my handphone back!

I hate my life to be like this…rushing to finish everything without any purpose. so what if it benefits me in learning. I dont feel that motivated.Examinations are coming in 19 days time………………..i am not ready yet unless i secretly stayed up at night to revise.

I wrote all these in a matter of impluse…………..well i got to go on with life right? I will defintely work harder and relax after the SYF and the SA1 EXAMS


Focus! It is the main ingredient after postitve thinking. The ability not to get distracted when doing something. For me, its everything.

Today i went for guitar session. Tired from yesterday sports event and the meaningless arguements not by me but between my dad, stepmum and mum. I am the middleman. Both sides were biased….and useful…haha i am a history student. Dont talk about it. Anyway my guitar instructer told us to focus on the music totally…the whole time without being distracted and also to relate to the feelings of the song. It was hard for me at first because i am easily distracted. But its important…otherwise we could not express out the feelings in the song well to the audience. Band got silver for SYF…i am happy for them. I do hope we could do well too.

After that, quickly rush home..changed clothes and went out to meet my mum. She brought her two cute children along too. Althoug it was a brief meeting …it is nice to see her again. I do hope i could meet her more often.

Yesterday was sports day….Green House won! I am happy as i am inside. Although i joined my friend in yellow house….inside i am still a green house person..LOL! I also received my SA1 timetable. 19 more days to the first examination paper…and in total i got 14 papers to take…………………………..OMG! I also realised that the yellow house certain people are evil. They threw water bombs and burst balloons in front of other colour houses.

Focus on everything but i neglect one thing…spending time with God. I need to change something.