My diary

This morning i woke up feeling refreshed and motivated. Did all my necessary prepartions and went to school . I even bring my geography assessment book to try and complete the book as soon as possible so that i could get back my phone.  I am getting more and more desperate for it.

During assembly, we heard that today there is an fire drill. I knew it long ago by my teachers so it was not a surprise to me. Even though fire drills let us have the advantage of not having lessons, what i hate is the fact that we have to sit in the field. Standing is not an issue but sitting on it is totally disguting and dirty. The bell sounded at 8.20 which was another surprise cause usually fire drills only starts after 9am. Walked to the field and gather in our own classes. Basically i was chatting non-stop during that time. I did not sit but squat, eventually i stand.

When the drill ended , it was time for history. We did a essay question in the forum. I could not finish it so right now i am doing it. Recess time, i ate and then go to library. When i reached the library entrance, there were many people outside. Turns out that they could not go in as they were too noisy, i still manage to get in. Madam Ena , the manager actually locked the doors to prevent them from getting in. I found it quite amusing.

POA was next and there was a test. The duration for the test was quite short and i made some careless mistakes…argh. Last lesson was maths, yet another test but i got more confidence in it. I believe i can pass.

Ate lunch with Fatin. Guitar lesson soon started. Helped to set  up the chairs and tune guitar. Then Mr Yeo suddenly want us – ONE from each section to plaay. I was confirmed chosen because there were only me and my senior in the section. Did not perform well…wasnt prepared. Pratice after that and i improved..

Tomorrow will be the Road race. I will be running-as in really run. Ya and i guess i am too tired so good night!


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