Hey people, \I am planning to write chirsti…

 Hey people, \

I am planning to write chirstian stuff here so please leave of you feel unconfortable
I have this question that is on my mind ever since this morning..
In Daniel 11:28-32
The king of the north will then return home with great riches. On the way he will set himself against the people of the holy covenant, doing much damage before continuing his journey.
Then at the appointed time he will once again invade the south, but this time the result will be different. For warships from western coastlands will scare him off, and he will withdraw and return home. But he will vent his anger against the people of the holy covenant and reward those who forsake the covenant.
His army will take over the Temple fortress, pollute the sanctuary, put a stop to the daily sacrifices, and set up the sacrilgious object that causes desecration. He will flatter and win over those who have violated the covenant. But the people who know their God will be strong and resist him.

This meant that during the end, the evil person will overrule the temple and that God’s people will know what to do.
It was also mentioned in Matthews 24:15-18
The day is coming when you will see what Daniel the prophet spoke about- the sacrilgious object that causes desercation standing i the Holoy Place. Then those in Judea must flee to the hills. A person out on the deck of a roof must not go down to pack. A person out in the field must not return even to get a coat.

Now this is my question..
Why must we flee when this happens?
I am in Singapore so where should i go?

This two questions is on  my mind……….i just cant stop thinking about it
But there are verses that comforts  me
Psalm 91:9-13
If you make the Lord your refuge, if you make the Most High your shelter, no evil will conquer you;no plague will come near your home. For he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go. They will hold you up with their hands so you wont hurt your foot on a stone. You will trample upon lions and cobras;you will crush firece lions and serpents under your feet!

This verse really help me, assure me that God is there for me and i am safe
Thanks, God.


 Hi people!!Sorry i dont think you can under…

 Hi people!!

Sorry i dont think you can understand my previous post..haha cause i halfway need to go
Oh well simply i was complaining about my mediences……………i just hate it….!
Let me talk about today.lala woke up and go to school..
Reached school go and find shimin……
She was like giving me the cold shoulder until fatin comes…..i was concerned but not jealous…
I was wondering what is  she thinking…told fatin about it and she just kept quiet….
Soon Mr Nathan ask us to gather in the parade square..so i was like dragging my whole bag to my class..
Today is the heaviest day..really
Gathered in parade square..shimin suddenly said that she dont want to sit in front…
I was like ya so? so fatin sat in front while me in the middle with shimin at the back….
Talking to fatin throughout the whole time in the parade square..but soon i felt that i neglect shimin..
I told fatin about it and she said that it is shimin own problem that she dont want to talk…
But in my heart i sensed that sooner or later shimin is gonna be jealous because me and fatin kept talking
But then i also dont know what to talk..really!
So i just continued on talking to fatin
GO to class and I gave whatever i need to submit to miss huda
Science lesson..teacher never come in the end we just talk and talk..
History lesson also……
Recess…i dont feel like eating.but i still ate a bit
After recess we have to gather in the hall..like primary school..oh man!
Get back to class..and maths lesson..did some work
I dont really feel like explaining what i did throughout the day
Shimin and i have a small quarrel before art lesson-last lesson ..oh yeah she started it
And i apologise first…cause i know she will never apologise 
What the heck am i thinking?

There are some people in  my class that hate me……those people who look down
I just felt like slapping their face to wake them up and tell them that i am also a human!
No one have the right to look down on other people!
So what if you have more friends, more materials, acting cool….
If all these things were to disappear, you are just a human being! Get that right in your head
You were not born popular..it is because of what you have that makes you popular
So get that right in your head!

Back in school!

Hi i am finally back on school after one day slacking at home!
but it is hard to slack at home as i need to see a doctor …….

Cause need to get MC otherwise i get into serious trouble by the school……ok i can understand..but
i need to get me

 Hi,Today i never go to school..because of f…


Today i never go to school..because of fever..
Actually i can go..i wake up this morning..prepared my bag and was just about to set off when my head suddenly very pain..
So i went back to my room and sleep..
Oh well no choice..
Just now the school called me, asking  me why i never go to school..gave my reasons..and it was ok
Dont know what are they thinking..thinking i am playing truant..for goodness sake..i never will
This is the 1st time that i was called by the school about this matter
Today i will go to a doctor and ask for mc…no choice otherwise i will get into serious trouble/////
Oh well i dont know whether should i write more a not………………………………………………………..
Ok la fine i better stop here

 Hi people,Now i am currently having a fever…

 Hi people,

Now i am currently having a fever..and that is because i went out with someone who is sick..
Maybe i may not be going to school tomorrow..sad
Last friday..we got our new timetable..i just cant understand why must change..
Then what is even worse is that after recess we has to go to the hall for the teachers to fetch us..
Oh man i felt that i am a primary school kid once again..seriously 
After recess was history..should be the most interesting lesson..but well there is a test and i am bored..
Halfway through i almost fell into a deep sleep…but i still insist on staying awake..manage to complete it
After history was Mother tongue.. i dont know why but the teacher scolded us for every wrong thing we do..make me so irriated 
Finally the last lesson was literature..and i got a prize for answering a question..the prize is sweets..haha
We did some work and i suddenly turn cold..ask shimin to lend me her jacket but she didnt
In the end i kena fever//
But seriously i want to go to school tomorrow……i am ok that if i cannot play PE but i still want to go
Hope that the fever will be gone…….especially since tomorrw soomeone is going to come back..
Ok i shall end here

Sports day

Hi people,

Friday was sports day..i didnt expect it to come very fast but oh well..
I was in green house..but changed to yellow house to join fatin..and not to support..cause i am still supporting my house..
I know that some people dont like me to be in their group..but i heck care..they cannot control my life..seriously these people are immature..
Fatin and i sat down and we both started to cheer for  our groups..actually i was supposed to be in one of the races but i only said maybe so in the end,,other people join..towards the end my house win! 
I know that lots of people look down at my house but you see in the end my house win! Oh well like i said they are immature..
Anyway today i am not  going to church..seriously tired..1st time i dont want to go but later in the afternoon i am going library with a friend..
My dad will be back this coming tuesday..must get ready…to be scolded
Exam is coming in 2 weeks time and i got to start preparing…….gtg bye

 HiI think i am going to say all that i need…


I think i am going to say all that i need out..cannot control it anymore..especially about guitar
In guitar..my sec 2 batch is quite ok..even though it is not that good..
Yes i agree the seniors were better than us when they were sec 2..but they shouldnt look down on us right?
And someone even said that we shouldnt get it..the new guitars
For goodness sake!..we have bought our own guitar for 1 year! every tuseday and thursday we bring our guitar to school!
Seriously last year when i herad about it..i felt like quitting but i didnt
The seniors were different..they already have the school guitars
When we finally get the school guitar..we were so happy! But it came to be a disappointment in the end when someone said we should not get it!
And they were gossiping..if you think we got problems..tell us straight and dont gossip@!
What is the point of gossiping u tell me?! It will not change anything! Use your brain!!
I dont look down on sec 1 so you seniors better dont look down on us…our skills
You should thank God..why? We still got interest in it..so you all better dont make us lose interest!
Ok stop here

 Oh hi again i now at home…A few days ago …

 Oh hi again i now at home…

A few days ago i lost my ezlink card..i actually dont know how it happens..
The only thing that i can remember is that i indeed bought my card home..even if it is not..
I trace back all the way to the bus stop and found nothing..seriously
I told my grandparents and of course they lecture me..no choice..but i think i will make a new card on saturday

Tomorrow will be my practical test for home econs and i still have not get anything done..all not prepared
I just hate it..
We are supposed to do our own and i am fine with that but i still got some disagreements
The other home econs class..the teacher let them look at the recipe book and let them buy drinks from the canteen..
So good lor..
Never mind i dont wish to be so angry over this

Today go to school..as usual..me and fatin went out to eastpoint yesterday..we talk a lot
Well school was fine…
During guitar, we got new guitars and we are happy..finally not need to bring guitar anymore
But i am just quite disappointed in the end when 1 senior say that we shouldnt get it..
Oh well..that is their thinking ..i cannot stopm it
Mayb its true but so wat? it is not as if we are so hopeless…………………………

 Hi pple, i now in school Oh yeah..suppos…

 Hi pple, i now in school

Oh yeah..supposed to have guitar..but slacking…now i dont think i can slack much longer..

Actually wanna blog but no more time so bye bye


Hi people, i am back!!

Didnt really update cause i forgotten the password so sorry!
Oh well today was my guitar performance for assembly..so i was very confident..while playing..my hands tremble a bit..haha
I didnt want it to happen but it just happen,,,,,
The last time i wrote this past was about my friendship with shimin..right?
So now it was back to normal..square one again..
Oh well but i made a new friend through her..a guy named zhai wei
He was a ex-lysian..now back as a relief teacher
Shimin was crazy over him..during the beginning..now not so bad..

Now i hate home econ……i really hate it..this thursday or friday..i have the practical test
And must be done by one person only…sian la
But i hope it is not this week because i am not prepared..and some more this friday..sports day!
Oh well i suddenly feel that time passes so fast..suddenly sports day come
For PE, i was in a team where winning may not be possible..but it proves itself that it can win
We won other teams..and credit should go to jia xin..who scores almost all the points
i just write anything that comes to my mind..haha
Just now me and fatin and shimin go buty cheese fries..then shimin go tution
So both of us chit chat and walk around..halfway we saw one game machine that we used to play..then we play for a few times..
And got some prizes..nothing to see

Now my dad and auntie in shanghai ever since from last week….dad for business.auntie for shopping
They will be back 7 days from now…………………
So currently i am living with my grandparents..they very pamper me 

Talking about that i suddenly think about my class notice board competition..i spent a few hours with other class mates trying to decorate it
And i hope that it will get 1st cause it is really nice..
Anyway i shall end here..wanna do my own things..ok bye