There is a time for everything..a time to laugh, a time to cry, a time to reflect and many more.

Yesterday i reached home in the evening ..feeling exhausted and hungry. Bathe as fast as i could and i went to the dining area for dinner. I was getting to read newspaper (normal routine) Then suddenly my dad asked me about the edusave thingy. This matter has been frustrating me and my stepmum and also the school. And then he choose to ask me just at that time when i want to relax. As a result, cannot read and was angry. After i finished studying, i watched television. Half an hour into bedtime, my stepmum suddenly asked me to switich off the televison and discuss unhappy things. Angry was the obvious emotion..cannot even relax! But thank God that i am a person who dont remain angry forever. This is just one of those bad days..

Today was fine. Tomorrow got maths revision test and POA test ..i can handle. Recently i just realised i can cope with my subjects…haha okay thats errrr…. Anyway today i also went to Duman High for the guitar exchange progamme …it was beneficial to me. Very fun …i am lazy to describe here. These was one of my happy days… Life is not a bed of roses. Friday will be the road race..most likely i will be running if i am not sick.

TIME…will be posting other day cause of TIME


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