Challenging times

I realized i should really decide on whether i should journal in a diary or on a blog.

Its like if i want to look back on my past few years, i have to refer to both my diaries and my old blogs.
Most probably i might be journal ling on a diary.
And then i will print out all my online journal entries.
For me to really get a glimpse on my own thoughts and how it developed over the years.
I really want to know my life’s purpose. Really want to know. Because i keep facing really hard times from time to time. From family to friendships. And its not like i caused it to happen also. I am getting really bothered by all this. It requires me to have to be the logical and mature one at times like this. 
I am still breathing now because of my faith in God. Because He always somehow make the situation fine in the end. But really i want to know what God wants for me. I personally believe that all these things happened for a reason. 
This coming Wed there is a church conference, i am going to go with expectation. And i hope that my prayers will be answered.