Once again i am going to use the order that i did yesterday.

1. This morning i heard from auntie winnie that i will be banned from using the computer for 1 week from effect this monday. I am not upset cause i know the reason why this happened. And i wont be boring as i will be staying back in school for the entire week except for wednesday.

2. Revising social studies and biology today, at least now i am able to cope with my studies.

3. This coming tuesday will be my sis’s birthday! She will be 11 and will be turning into a teenager! I will be preparing a gift for her.

4. Realised that i could no longer be sleeping at 10pm as the time for me to sleep is too short. Got to sleep earlier.

5. Dont know why last night i found some of my not so close friends on facebook and requested to add me. I mean i dont know them really well other than their names and gender. Okay maybe i am trying to be more friendly.

6. A few nights ago i dreamt that i went on a school camp and dont know why . During the last day, one of my school blocks collapsed minutes after we just walked away. It is scary okay. Like some earthquake.

7. Realised that i had been acting foolish for the past few years. Now i learnt how to take things in my stride. And not be the once foolish old me who actually have thoughts of commiting sucide over certain issues which have to be solved through patience.

8. Do i really need to count?

9. Actually to be frank. Sometimes i just wish i could channelled all my thoughts onto this blog through teleport cause there are times when i really want to write but by the time i was able to, i no longer have that motivation.

10. Can i stop here?


Short form..

Today i shall put what i had to say according to numbers. cause i always have a nice beginning but not a proper ending..which i dont like.

1. Next friday i will be going for the Julia gabriel debate competiton next friday at night. I think i will be totally exhausted after that.Pressure is on me to research on the motion. THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THAT PROFESSIONAL STAR PLAYERS SHOULD HAVE SALARY CAPS. We are the opposition. Feel free to give your opnions.

2. Next tuseday will be my physics test. Revised it today and of course will continue. I cant afford to die in this subject.

3. Next week will be my final week in auditions. I have to get in , put in so much effort, at least this will be my reward.

4. Received my student handbook today. New layout..nice . Read this year school schedule..was surprised by many new things. School camp lasts for 3 days, got prom night , No CA Exams, No COL(colours of loyang) . I was so surprised .

5. Wondering whether sec 3 got injections a not?

6. Found out that i could sleep in the bus this year. For the past few years, i could not do it. Is this good?

7. Pray that God will give me more strength . I am getting more and more tired everyday until now.

8. Trying to grasp the meaning of being organized and responsible.

9. As i am doing all this, i thought of my primary school days. Funny right? But sometimes we got to stop and relax. Maybe this is one of my ways to relieve stress.

10. Remembered that my RGB duty is on total defense day. Cannot to miss…must be committed.

11. Wish that everyone enjoy their weekend and i got to go now…TO MY WONDERLAND!


Now getting so busy! It is just after chinese new year and i am rushing up on many things. Tomorrow got POA test, Maths re-test and next tuseday physics test. Among the three test , my physics is the worst. vernier capliers, micrometer scre gauge, metre rule………………………..i am confused! Today i got to stay back in school for cca. Reached home at 6.30pm. I got less than 6 hours to complete my homework. Only managed to finish the most important ones.

Cca pressure is also coming up, in fact it is already there. Today i wrote my name down on the SYF list but it is not permanent until i pass the audition before 6 feb. Debate compeititon is also coming very soon…next month! Then PE also have NAFA test …aiya…

I never expected that for the beginning of this year,there would be so much homework. It is a big jump for me……………………………………………JUMP!

Chinese new year!

Happy chinese new year! May the new year be more joyful and peaceful than the year before! As steps are taken to overcome the economic recession, may everyone be encouraged because this is not something that will happen forever. We will recover and gain experience from it.

Just now have a church service dinner at roland restruant. Food was fanastatic. Gotten the new monthly bulletin in which i learn more details about the coming church camp in June. The room prices were all stated there….

Of course at my age i have homework. Got chinese homework, physics worksheet, POA test coming up and more….To me 2 months has passed which is equal to 2 weeks in school. Learning new things everyday. I am feeling the pressure already and this is just the beginning. I guess i got to learn how to manage my time properly otherwise gonna faint… PE, the only subject where i can relax and run around also have test the NAFA test. My first try failed because i didnt really care and no enegry. Second try which was last thursday, i passed. Usual timing of 15 mins 40 seconds. To me , it is good ready especially since my cca dont requires me to run at all. Then I also heard that PE also have written test?! So weird!

My form teacher taught CD lessons and during the first lesson he gave us his life story. He is from victoria school and JC. In victoria school, he took pure history and geography. He loved physics and smart. Whenever he list his acheivements , everyone clapped in a very saracstic way. He is quite boring so not eveyone took notice of him. But no one can blame him also…he is like that. But of course i hoped that he can improve on the way he teach.

Currently my weakest subject is maths…not weak but careless. Failed a test all because of careless mistakes! Have to retest again next week. Even my maths teacher who has taught me since sec 1 asked me whether i lost my spark or what? I got to buck up especially since i have already set the standards for my O-Levels already. Without an aim, there will be no motivation, no commitment, no responsability, and ultimately no purpose. Purpose is very important for everyone and one of it is to please God. God is above everything else.

I dont wish my blog posts to be negative all the time. I tried to make it as positive as an encouragement to myself and others. But to be frank, It is not true…

These past two days , the group of girls didnt pester me at all as i tried to avoid them. Although we came into contact but it is only for a brief while. So thank God for them. My fear is still there but not so bad already. Lessons were fine. There is a change in timetable and i dont like the new change. But it has to take place. I dont really have any problems in school. If i dont have problems in school, that means i got problems at home. It is always like that and now i am facing certain problems at home. When is this going to end?

Today after eating my lunch, i was told by auntie winnie to tidy up my cupboard so i did. I did it when she went out to see doctor. came back and she checked .

Started scolding me for all the minor stuffs which left me superly irriated. She always make it as if i have done a serious dangerous stuff. I really wonder what she experience when she was a teenager like me. hOw did she become so serious over everything. I dont want to make a bad impression about her. CAuse she always spoil my day…..somehow

ups and downs

Last friday i have an embarassing incident in which a group of girls saw it. I dont wish to  mention what it is, but from that point onwards that particular group kept making fun of me whenever i bump into them. One of these encounters happened today and Made some insulting remarks which left me feeling very sad and angry. This happened during recess.

The following english lesson…i kept thinking of ways to tell them not to do that…but all the ways i thought of all go down to confrontation. 8 girls against 1…hello? I also thought of telling a teacher but what isa the point? I am quite cyncial after 3 years in secondary school. AS i witnessed how people can change so much – in front of the teacher and behind the teacher-contrasting reactions. But by the last lesson i didnt really think too much as it is my favourite lesson. Patient endurence is what i need hope that they will forget.

Today i also have a chinese spelling test and i forgotten how to write 3 words….haix. Last lesson was history and we learnt the story about the middle finger. Let me tell you. In the 8th century, the englishmen wanted to take over the french and so they go to war. The englishmen had a very powerful weapon-the bow and the arrow. The bow is so long that it can be taller than a man! Longer bows, the distance for the arrow expands and so the englishmen manage to keep the french people from coming towards them for 3 days. At the end of the third day, they ran out of arrows and so sent the archers to get it. The french knew this and captured the group of archers. The middle finger is important to the archers as it helps to stablise the bow so the french people cut it off and sent them back to their country. The english people were shocked but they gradually recover. So the next time when a war occured, they showed their middle finger to tell them that they still have it. How did it become vuglar? I dont know…maybe people are too horny…

Okay i guess i shall stop here and get ready for CNY!


Today…well i woke up feeling a bit uncomfortable because the night before i had a row with auntie winnie. Seriously angry, this is a small  matter but yet she make it as if i had just committed some grevious sin that cannot be forgiven. My eyes were red when i look at the mirror, i guess it must be due to the tears that i shed over it.But i put the matter behind me and go to school in a positive mood. Always wonder why i am able to be positive despite all these quarrels until even the people close  to me dont know i have problems.

Went to school,did some homework in the canteen and talk to fatin. I told them about the quarrel and they all felt that it is a small matter. Frankly i dont tell all of my problems to my closest friends because i dont wish to make them to worry over me and somehow drag them down along with my problems. Soon assembly and my first lesson was mother tongue. I dont really look forward to it because of the homeworks that i owed. A chinese compo and letter. Still go and it was quite boring(teacher talking non-stop). Next was english and i changed some of the errors in my english composition. Princples of accounts was next and learned about balance sheet. The way i am writing now like a recap of what i just did….boring. Blog is not meant to be recapping what you just did but rather the mixture of feelings through all these activites, right?/

History lesson was fun and interesting. I dont like source-based questions. And i just recently found out that almost all my subjects need essays. Oh no…..hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Guitar audition took place today. The Passing mark is 70 and my first round is 54, second round 56 and finally third rounf 60. 10 more marks to go! I will work for it!


I have been practising my guitar pieces for the past few days. And i am also trying to learn how to read notes. Cause i know that if i dont know how to read, what is the point of learning guitar? I also did my homework. Wrote this to remind myself if i miss anything out. I did miss something out. A chinese letter writing homework which is already one week overdue. Its not that i want to drag it, i dont know how to write. First week of school and this is the first chinese homework that the teacher gave . To me , if i want to submit, it must be nicely done.

Next week is already chinese new year. But this year is more low-key as my second aunt and her whole family is not coming. As my cousin is attending school. But they will be coming in august. Its a pity still. While over at auntie winnie’s side, it may not be as lively as before as there is some conflicts over ..sad. I really dont like it.

Church camp is coming again and this time i am finally allowed to go ..but without my family as auntie winnie  is pregnant. I really wonder whether i should go….still thinking. Hope that my answer will come soon. I got to go now and sleep. Tomorrow back to school!

I have moved to

I have moved to

Finally its the weekend!

Weekend has finally arrived after days of lessons and homeworks! But i still go to do homework also…hais.

Next tuseday my cca instructer will hold an audition. Those who pass can go for SYF but those who fail, cant get in. I am feeling the pressure. Cause i got this tendency to suddenly lose my concentration due to lack of self-confidence. I can do well with the group but not as an individual. The feeling is like everything is so cold until i cant struck a note perfectly. I will try to practise for the next few days and get more confidence.

Thank God for miss phua. I couldnt catch up with maths cause eveytime halfway doing the question, i dont know what i am writing. She helped me in that and now i can manage it. Almost thought that i will die in maths.

Busy-a common word in my life.

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