Set me free

My old ways of coping does not work anymore because it was never sustainable in the first place. The battles were never mine solely to fight in the first place, it belongs to God. The burdens were never mine to carry. 

I feel like I’m on the way to spiritual death if I continue on trying to think of all those battles. Teach me Lord to give it to you each time I think about it. You know what I truly long for. I want to be free, I want to live as a child of Yours before anything else. So often I’m just consumed by thoughts of my various responsibilities that I feel shackled down. 

God, you are a mighty and loving God who holds everything in your hands. Nothing can happen without you not knowing. I know you will take care of all my needs and all the people that I care about. I don’t have to keep holding them in my thoughts. I need your grace moment by moment to shut down those thoughts that draws me away from the truth of who You are. 

In this season where You are showing me that I cannot cope with my old methods, guide me to pick up the right ones and give me a community of support that I can lean to. Give me courage and confidence to turn to that community of support. I know I cannot make it on my own anymore, if not I will just collapse. I need to learn how to receive. I thought that turning to You only in the past would be sufficient enough but that wasn’t what You wanted for me. Set me free from my prison that I may praise your Name. 


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