Start moving!

Feel sorry for neglecting this blog…haha

Just a brief review of what had happened this past 2 months….

SA1 had started and ended…….in a blink of an eye…taken in the hall for the very first time..

Results are back….

English: 64.2 B4

Chinese: 64 B4

Maths: 47 D7

Science: 55 C5

Combined Humanities: 67 B3

History: 64 B4

POA:92 A1

Life is not all about results! I had been trying to tell myself that during the past few months.

Seeing my peers preparing notes like crazy and then talking about it makes me feel so unprepared…

Being the competitive me, i also started doing it.

However in the midst of prepartions, i stopped( not exactly) cause i neglected God.

The One who created me

The One whom everything is possible

The One who gave up His Son for me

I got to get back to the place we first met……or rather first love..

Holding his hand to know that i am safe

Talking with him to know more about him

Watching him through reading the Bible to be like him and to be ABSOLUTELY FREE!

I am almost there now and i will make sure that i will not lose it again

I am not throughly disappointed for my mid-year examinations. I do confess that i could have done it way better. No time to ponder over it

4 days to chinese O-level, gonna be revising my paper 1 and 2 as well as memorising idioms( for extra marks)

Not going to be afraid for He is with me.

Life is really like an adventure…you have no idea what is going to happen next.

This thrills me all the time although sometimes i wish i knew..

There are ups and downs in this life….however LOVE never changes.

Continuing on this fun journey with enthusiam and optimism šŸ˜€