Good morning!

Well thanks to the creation of teacher’s day, i am back early:D

Later on i will be going back to my primary school. Just a short visit, i miss some of the food that was sold there. Maybe i could eat it later? I have no idea who would be there…it would be good if i could catch up with some of my classmates.

Okay i got to go………..i got to accept all the gifts on facebook!



Yes today i have CIP..but before i get to that…i would like to reflect on certain things that happened today. Though it may sound nothing to the world. It does to i always strive to improve myself while at the same time..remain humble and thankful.

I got to buck up in my chinese. Ever since the new teacher took over, i was not listening to her lesson at all. I become bored easily and i choose to chit-chat with my friends. I am aware of my situation and yet i choose to remain indifferent about it. Today another teacher came in during the chinese lesson to see how we were doing. She gave a lecture about the usual stuff and i was listening. I will make sure i pay attention during her lesson…..

Now right on to CIP. Today i sold yellow ribbons at tampines mrt station. It was my second time doing this. Defintely i was more prepared this time and more confident. Initally i was not positive about it because my friends were planning to slack. While i on the other hand, was thinking about how fun it would be as we will be persuading people to buy the ribbons. Thank God it didnt occured that way. While i was attemping to sell, i learned a lot of things. When people see me with the ribbons, they immediately turn away or pretend to ignore. Its so funny! I managed to sell the ribbons still. Some people even pay without taking the ribbons. Over all i get to see the side of a charity volunteer.

Next year i hope to sell more. CIP is not really that bad

Just wondering..

How should i begin?? I was reflecting on what my english teacher said. Everytime during her lesson, she will need to shout and scold in order to mantain discipline in our class. Well no comments to that , its her responsiblity. Sometimes i sympatised with her. Today while scolding us as usual, she said something like we should not be behaving like the normal acadamic people. We are in the express stream so we should be like one. She was not the only teacher who scolded like that. In the past i just ignored it..but today i just cannot stop thinking about it.

Is there such thing like only Express students are the people with better behaviours than the normal acadamic students while and the normal tech is the people with the worst behaviour? No! In the first place we are grouped into these three areas is due to our learning speed ability and not according to how well we behave .

I believe that when teachers say it, their intentions were never to put anybody down. But whatever they say..will somehow impacts us students . In the future we will have the thinking that Express is the best and we will push our children to be there . And through putting pressure on them, they may become the opposite of our expected results. Thus, although this is merely a passing sentence that teachers pass…… does carries weight. 

I read a magazine article….there was a case when a actor through his words accidentally hurts an actress .the words made was not intentional but the damage was done. Because he is an actor and he is like a role model to the public. It is similar to a teacher …….a teacher holds the big responsiblity of imparting life skills to us…not the MOE…they set the rules while teachers carries it out…

I am pretty reflective today…maybe i got nothing to do.

I will be back next time

Im back

Actually i am supposed to be attending a christian event now. I wanted to go but i am physically tired…

I had not been blogging for so long. Was busy revising for exams. There is one more test next thursday..maths. I was pretty worried for the past few days as i am unclear about certain maths concepts. Thank God today i managed to clear it up. But i know i still need more practise.

God has been very merciful and gracious to me for the last couple of weeks. There were times when i do not do my daliy devotions…its bothering me. And due to that,  my old nature came back to me . I was so gulity…i thank him for his forgiveness. I passed my chinese exam…by rights  i should not but yet i did. All glory goes to God. I am currently coping well with my other subjects.:)

My family members has been down with illness for the past few days. I did not fell sick. My sister almost gotten H1N1,She has fever,cough and flu and now resting at home. My baby bro..gotten fever just today..i do not know how . ..maybe from my sis. My dad gotten a cough. For me i am just very tired. Not having enough sleep…..i need it.