i am now trying to figure out why the test …

 i am now trying to figure out why the test came out like that??
Maybe i am unsure of myself..hardly talks to friends..and not many people know me really very well….
Sometimes i feel useless..why people wont partner with me?
Do i have some disease or whatever that makes them like that?
They just dont know me a lot..that is all..
And when i sit next to them..they will start whining..asking me to change place..
I am a HUMAN BEING! i do have my own thoughts! they are not related to me..
I hate to complain..but if i dont..the situation is getting more worse..
A friend who is my enemy now..i dont wish to be her enemy..but she insists by gossiping about me..
All i want is for her to leave me alone and we each do our own things..is that alright?
No its not for her..i sent so many smses to ask her to stop but she didnt care…..waste my money!
I wonder why everytime i feel like pouring out my feelings..it comes at the wrong time
I am tired..seriously……………………………..
So what if i am quiet….i dont have many friends……….does that give others the chance to mock me?
I wish they would understand me better..


 OK i think this personailty test is just to…

 OK i think this personailty test is just too crazy!!

 Yesterday i was seriously very tired…I we…

 Yesterday i was seriously very tired…

I went home at 7.30pm…spent more than 12 hours in school!
Cause yesterday was the full dress rehersal…the prize giving all these..
And we had to wait very long for our turn…
Full dress rehersal means need to put on make-up and costume..and i looks really strange!
My black shoes was also quite big so in the end i dance bare footed during the finale dance..
Everyone was complaining especially before our second performance..because it starts very late..
But i feel that its worth it because the principal,2 vice principals and the organizers all clapped in the end..
And it is defintely better than last week!
So kudos to everyone..your effort was appreciated..
I do hope that next week will be even better than yesterday!

 2 more weeks to COL!But not really feeling …

 2 more weeks to COL!

But not really feeling a lot of pressure because i am almost 100% ready for it..
It seems like every day i am staying back lor..
Monday for public speaking, tuseday for guitar, thursday for mass dance and gutiar and friday for COL reherasal..
Very busy..

Today is especially tiring for me..after staying back..
I still have to buy black shoes for COL..tomorrow full dress rehersal..
and then i need to finish my maths and geography homework..
but its still good..at least i wont feel bored..
Now i realised that i behave better if i am alone….haha!

Do you think that time really flies very fast..its like national day is just a mere 2 weeks away..
But to me is good….being busy is good

 Today i feel that my cca is a totally waste…

 Today i feel that my cca is a totally waste of time!

At first mr yeo wanted us to practise the song for the Col(colours of loyang) which is coming very soon..
But then the seniors haven had their lunch yet, so while they were having their lunch..
We were preparing the chairs..after that we waited..
15 mins later, they are still not back so we started first by learning a new skills..
Soon they were back and we start practising..our song..
Halfway we made some  mistakes and we recieved a long lecture from mr yeo..which is indeed a waste of time..
Practise again and yet recieve another lecture again..soon the lesson ends..
What i dont really like is that when you plan something..you should do it no matter what..
And today the plan was suddenly missing as he started lecturing..
Sometimes its best if there is no lecture..
If there is lecturing..people may not be motivated at all..

I also learn something today which is when i am angry..
I used that as a source of motivation for my studies..its better..

 Life is unpredictable…dont you think so?W…

 Life is unpredictable…dont you think so?
Who knows what might happen tomorrow..

Tomorrow my maid will be going back to her country..
Actually she is supposed to go back next month but then suddenly my dad informed us that she will go back this week..
My maid had been living with us for almost 5 years! 
Even though we quarrel at times..but we are like sisters..and i will defintely miss her..
Its scary especially if you dont know what will happen tomorrow..you will be worrying a lot..

Haha but i am a student so defintely i know what will happen tomorrow..
Actually today i want to type a lot but now suddenly no mood …so bye

 Everyone should have respect for each other…

 Everyone should have respect for each other..
No matter how much you dislike that person or whatever problems you have with him/her…
Everyone should have basic respect for each other…
But in this world..the rules are changing..
To people of my generation…breaking rules are cool..being rude to teacher is cool..
Because they felt that its fun..
Having branded things are cool…being lazy and slacking is cool..
This world is turning upside down…
If i am hardworking, quiet, dont have so much branded things, got good results is considered not cool..
And because of it..i am being looked down by others, got insulted..
BUT no matter how my character is like, there should be some basic respect..

All i need from my class is by showing basic respect, myob(mind your own business) and no insult..
These three things are easy to do.. i am not asking you to accept me or what..
You all know that there are someone out there who hates me..
Someone who once was my best friend……now she is almost the opposite of it..
I dont hate her at all..but now she is trying to find fault with me…
There are also a few people who also hates me and insult me all the time..
If you hate me, all i ask is that you leave me alone and dont give unwanted comments..
You dont disturb me and i will also do the same..
It all comes down to respect……..
My character is like that..i can change only if its for everyone’s good..
I wont change in order to be popular….for what is the point?
I am only lying to my true character….peace is what everyone wants..
If you want to know which area of my life i am most happy in is my cca..
Everybody have respect for each other..

I just dont like to see people who hate me..i just feel anger boiling up inside..
Wanting to scold them but again what is the point?
I am only recieving more insults..
I am tired..seriously…whenever i see them..i just walk another way..

Hi,I am back! didnt blog much as i cant use compu…


I am back! didnt blog much as i cant use computer..punishment…
Today my stepmother suddenly say that she dont care my sis and i..and leave us to do whatever we want..
I feel a bit bad..
But now can relax….
I wont blog much as i am still not used..
Long time never use for blogging..
So goodbye