I didnt know that i repeated what i had mentioned in my thursday and saturday entries..
Didnt know what to write..cause i am so tired trying to make all my entries private..till the point where i thought of quitting.
But i will not quit..i cant let my previous entries go to waste just like that..
Anyway today is a Sunday- first day of the week..
I wake up from my sister’s repeated tune of her calling me to wake up..if i am very grumpy..i could have scolded her
But of course i didnt..i did all my usual things which every human being can do..
Ate curry puff for breakfast then get ready to go to church..
Reached church..worship and pastor preached a sermon about challenges that christians faced..
All we have to do is to make god our first place…
Tomorrow i am not having exam except for this coming thursday and friday..
So got 3 days to prepare for 3 papers..
anyway i got to leave now although i wish i could blog


Hi…I am trying to made all my entries become pr…


I am trying to made all my entries become private….it seems weird if i didnt do it..
Just a little update on what i had done this past few days
On thursday and friday..exam paper day!

Thurs was my english paper 1 and 2…for paper 1 i wrote a compo about what success means to me and a report writing about a accident. It seems like i spent most of my enegry for it because by the time i do paper 2..i feel like sleeping but i still manage to complete it..was the first to finish the paper.. Friday was my chinese paper lasted 2 hours and i took 1 hour and 45 mins to finish..seriously tiring to write … My next exam paper will be on next i wish exam not neec to drag..i rather complete it in one go.. Ok la shall stop i had mentioned..its just a little update

Hi..I have change my viewing settings to private …


I have change my viewing settings to private as this is a blog. and that means i can write my own feelings down. But certain people dont like my entries so i just change it

Today is the start of my first exam paper..and defintely english was first. Paper 1 was first and i wrote a composition about what success means to me and also a report seems like i spent most of my enegry doing it because by the time i started to do paper 2..i   am very tired but i still completed it and was the first to finish. Generally both exam  papers are fine for me..i am confident that i can pass.. Actually when i finish my paper 2..i fell asleep holding my pen and teacher thought that i didnt finish it..and wake me up. Arrgh! this is the first time that i can actually fell asleep because i am not used to sleeping on the table.

Tomorrow will be my second paper which is chinese paper 1. And thank God for that..
Today i am supposed to submit a survey form..which is about the choosing of subjects but i forget to bring..then my vice principal say that those people who never submit will get a terrible punishment but later he change it by extending the deadline..heng ah.

I shall stop here then..a mosquito is disturbing me

Hi…….just now i was kinda emotional just now….


just now i was kinda emotional just now………………..cause i am tired of everything whether its at home or school
These two places are part of my everyday life and they are the ones who gave me pressure//
In school, i faced peer pressure just because i dont hang out with them..they insulted me
And i cant really defend myself as i dont have the gift of the gab
Some of my classmates can argue until what is wrong intially became right..but i am not like them..
All i could do is to defend myself a bit then shut up..
At home, this is the place where i really want to take a break..but no its the opposite
I had to follow the study time set up by my dad…if not punishment…..
Dear friends, i am not a person who can study non stop but i am forced to……u think i like it? No way
And because of that my classmates hardly knows me and just called me some awful names…
I hated Studying for long hours…….peer pressure and pressure from my dad..its too much for me to handle..
All i want is to plan out my own timetable…..
In my class, not everyone knows me that well. So their first impressions of me usually become a lasting impression.
But what can i do? Like today some people who got nothing to do start spreading some rumours about me…….im irriated…..
Come on, people whom you dont like are still human beings and they does have feelings..
I believe that you will not like it if those people who hate you just start gossiping about you..
Dont be a cold blooded person..cause these type of people are destroying themselves

a day of my life

Hi, im free so can blog….hehe

Today go to school as usual..but i feel very weird…of my hair//////
i am not satisfied with my hair style….
Yesterday i went to bedok loreal salon for my haircut. and waited for 1 hour plus just for it!
Finally its my turn and i was greeted by a skinny guy who looks like gay….
I told him what i need and soon he starts..
Halfway through he was surprised to see that i got a lot of hair even though my hair was short….
He also made certain comments in which pisses me off….
Finally i am done and i lied saying that its ok..
Come on, what could i do other than that? left the salon feeling weird
Thank God that nobody make comments on my hair…..
First lesson was PE so instead of playing badminton, i went to gym…
Tried out all the fun! its just that evverytime when i want to put down something..i slam it by accident..
Second was science..did some electricity worksheets..
Recess time was right after that  and defintely i have to ‘fast’ in a sense cause my friends are not going to canteen..
Stayed back in classroom and was soon chased out by student counciliors…
It was fun to see the situation cause it seems like one student councilior is popping out of the other…like calling back up///
Are we dangerous? haha
So we ‘listen’ and went down to…………………..3rd floor girls toliet
Even more funny cause we are spies on a mission…hid in a cubicle..make sure that whatever we do doesn make a single sound..
Soon bell rings and we went back to class…
Next was english in which we did a journal then followed by d&t
For d&t, we did practical which involves drilling holes and cutting……
Went back to class rather late because need to clean up the place…….geog teacher make some announcements
And one of them is about PROJECT!
Tomorrow some groups have to present and lucky mine not need…
Maths was the last lesson in which as usual..people crack jokes and made unwanted comments..
After that i went to collect my cca thing then went home……..
Ever since the hods gave a talk of subjects……i was seriously thinking about it..
Asked my mum and she want me to take a maths as she want me to go JC
I may choose……and that is my own choice..
see how..God knows

Hi..Recently i had been too busy to post….or la…


Recently i had been too busy to post….or lazy..
But i still have to because i hate to see it dead…..

Nex t week SA2 starts… fast….i am not fully prepared for it…….
This final year examination will determine whether i will get into the subject combination of my choice…
Yesterday the hods gave a briefing about it and i am still thinking..
But i will defintely not choose art and d&t….these two are my weakest subjects.. and also the subjects that i am least interested in
time really files past very fast……faster than anything….
there is not even a time where i can relax..
Cause one problem arises out of the other………problems are never ending…
I dont create it but people created it…….
Things that happen last year seems like it just happened yesterday………….
So that is why we must be more alert….and plan ahead
I am still thinking whether i should go JC or poly….
A lot of my friends want to go poly…..cause less stress….
i think my decision to make will be based upon my results….if i am meant to go jc,so be it
2 weeks ago, i met my primary school friends….its amazing to see how different they look..
That time is like a reunion of past memories like you saw this person..whatever this person done to you will once come back..
Old feelings and old memories…
Its also quite awkard in a sense because 2 years has passed….
Imagine you going back to primary school at sec 4……..even weirder….
haha i dont think by that time i will go back..mayb next year is my last visit..

HI soEnglish: 62.2 B4Chinese: 84 A1Maths: 57 C5Sc…

HI so

English: 62.2 B4
Chinese: 84 A1
Maths: 57 C5
Science: 92 A1
Geography: 81 A1
Literature: 68 B3
D&T: 42
ART: 58 c5

Remarks: Zoe does not hestitate to speak her mind or stand up for what is right. She is able to mantain her composure in stressful situations. She is also an intelligent and diligent student who takes a genuine interest in her studies. Keep it up.

So er u all see..i have defintely improved! happy for that but there are a lot of pple getting higher than me…so must work harder..
For d&t…i am really lousy in that so if i pass..thank God
My exams is coming soon again! in 1 and a hlf week times……good luck to all……………………………………..