End of year

Christmas is coming in less than 13 days…
My birthday is another 15 days and i will be 18.
And then it will be 2013.

This year is quite a challenging year for me in terms of relationship with people. I have made new friends and lost a few too. Because of my idealistic thinking, i cannot take it well when i lost friendships. And then i keep rewinding memories over and over again. So i trapped myself in my own misery.

I learnt that not everything can be forced, change is inevitable, people come and go. Most importantly i learnt that i cannot do everything by my own strength, it is by relying on God.
Whenever i face problems of any kind, i somehow always want to do it by myself, just not letting God in. Yes i do manage to solve but i exhaust myself out physically and emotionally.

I learnt that i cannot put too much high hopes on people. Because we are all imperfect. I act like one bitch at times so i try not to judge people. Now i can understand a bit more why adults become so cynical as they get older. Experiences either made or break you. Really even though i do not have to worry about food and money, i find myself being pressured more in terms of staying calm and dealing with people. It is a lifelong process to be able to deal with different types of people.

I learnt that simple is bliss. Sometimes too much excitement bring too much drama. And i dont really like drama. So what if the world says i must do this since everybody is doing it? I wont do it because of pressure. I know that i must catch up with some things, and i will at my own pace.

As another year is starting soon, i will be look things with a better outlook and seek to be better for myself. I will try my best to be a more postive me! Ultimately, everything is in God’s hands.