Creativity..failed haha



O-level results

Last night i told myself not to panick…

so i slept peacefully….

Woke at 2.20am to close the windows as it was raining..

Woke again at 5.50am as i could not stand it..

Paced around my room…trying to relax..

The rest of the morning was spent doing relaxing activities..just like that

Took bus 12 to school for the last  time…

I never panicked…


Let me get to the main event…the event that i had waiting for what seems like an eternity

I was the second person to receive my results

I was the first person to cry in my class…i think so…

I could not comprehend whatever was in front of me..its plain shocking to me

My own efforts did not really paid off well’

English: B3

Chinese: B3

Maths: C6

Combined humanities: C6

History: A2

Science: C5


I couldnt stand the sight of seeing the six in my result slip..

why?! i tried to reason but found none..

This feeling lasted for an hour or so…

And then there was HOPE…

I found many courses that i qualfiy for..although its not my No 1 course..

But i know that i still can aim towards my future..

I thank God for my results..


My first post for this year does not seem nice..

It showed me in an anxious state, just feeling lost with anticipation..

But that was a few days ago..heh

What i really want for this year:

1. Choose a course that would guide me towards my purpose in life

2.Be less independent and more interdependent on God

3.Have free time to indulge in my hobbies

4.Learn Piano( i pray that it will happen)

5.Spend more time with my siblings…quality time

6. Organize a 6K  outing!

7. Be dilligent

Okok i can only think of all these things for now..

I visited 3 polys today…SP, NP and TP

I went there with specific courses to ask about in mind..

Went there with a blank mind…came back a bit blur haha

but nevertheless i got something out of it

Results matter now..

But i am gonna leave it to God

I will try not to panick:)

First post of 2011…4 more days to O-level results

I had not been here for at least a month or so…

Thanks to work, holidays overseas and every other lame reason

But something had changed

I AM 16 Now..LOL

I turned 16 2 weeks ago or should i say last year?

Haha to me whenever i turned a year older, i am at a different stage of my life

And i do not remember what stage i was at when i was 15 haha

I am glad that God has never changed..and he is always there:)

Tomorrow is my last day that i report to work..

Feel weird..time passed too fast!

4 more days to getting my results..

I am both excited and nervous at the same time..

I am afraid that i might not perform well…although i had given it my best shot

With everyone around me getting more and more nervous….i am too!

I just want Monday 2pm to come quickly!

I want to face it ASAP…i hate waiting…

Its like conquering my mind every second and never leaving!

Whatever the outcome may be…Praise God!:)