Chinese O-Level Result

The momentum began last week after the National day holidays..

It did not came out on Wednesday


Friday….oh man…its gonna be next week

Patiently waited through the weekend……..

Monday? Nope

Tuesday? Nope

But TODAY! As i walked into the hall at 1.30pm, i was in great anticipation…

But as the chinese teacher talked about the general overview of our results…whatever anticipation i had earlier died down…

Results were not as great as we thought…..

Well the thought of getting an A1 only stayed in my mind for a few seconds before it flew away with the wind…

Before i saw my result on that board..i knew what i got…a B3

I do not know whether i should smile or be sad…….B3 is right smack in the middle..

My face was expressionless as i took the bus home with my friends..

Seeing their disappointed faces..i am also sad too…..

I knew that i had to retake for my own sake….

Right now i am no longer sad….i am very determined now…..

To get that A….Postive is the key to anything:)