This is my first time so feel quite new.. but tjen let me start

Today is 29/2/2008-the leap year and it has been a long time since i last saw this date:)
So it is some sort of a special day..hahas

Today i go to school and arrived quite late cause of the bus
Run to canteen buy mineral water and sat down with shimin..
Today was also my home econs and history test but i only studied history..so I was studying home econs during that time.
Mel gave us some tips on what will come out at the test:) is it cheating?? Haha
So well halfway through Mr Nathan chased us out of the canteen:o..i was like rushing to run out without packing and so it was in a mess..
Sat down at the parade square, saw fatin..she was quite irriated, ask her why, she told me

Dont wish to tell here as new gossips might start..
First lesson was home econs- test time!! Woohoo, test here i come!!
It was easy but it is just that i dont know some cause i never study..confident that i pass
Next was history and i was supeeeerrrr ready for it!!
Teacher gave us some hints during the test and i was like wondering whether the school allows the teachers to say it out..i think no la..
After test was Recess !! I bought  garlic bread with soup and mashed potatoes:) I dunno why keep on buying the same food over and over again. Did they put something into the food? :O Haha
Maths lesson came and we did a test so as to pull up our CA marks..thanks for that teacher:)
Last lesson was ENGLISH!! And we got back our test paper!! I was the highest but the marks wasn’t that good..haix
Actually i want to stay back today..but it the end never cause not need to rush