Part time Jobs

I am going to work for a month (hopefully) during the upcoming holidays.

Looking mainly towards telemarketing jobs because i am more comfortable with it. Not admin jobs because i am still not feeling secure with using MS Office applications.
So far i applied for 2 jobs and i have not been contacted yet, but i am feeling scared.

Every time when i say i look for jobs, i end up having none because i am afraid to commit. I am afraid my whole holidays will be gone just like that. Always hesitant. And just now after submitting the resume, i was scared that they will choose me and i have to start work immediately. Crazy me right? Hahaha

But anyways i need MONEY so this time i should not be so hesitant and just go ahead.

It’s all up to God if i really get the job 🙂



27 December the birthday of the golden heart

Your greatest challenge is…

saying “no”

The way forward is…

to understand that saying “no” when you are not in a position to give is saying “yes” to yourself.

You’re drawn to people born on…

October 23 to November 22

You have so much to learn from and love about each other, making this a passionate and powerful combination.

Luck maker

Receive without guilt

To receive makes you vulnerable but to create luck you must be fluid, spontaneous, vulnerable and, above all, willing to gratefully accept help when it is offered to you.

People born on December 27 may give the impression of being sturdy and strong on the outside, but on the inside they have a heart of pure gold. Although they can be stubborn at times, they are life’s givers, not takers. They also have a heroic side to them and will be the first to rush to offer their support or help when someone is in trouble.

These people set incredibly noble standards for themselves and are giving to the point of self-sacrifice. They pride themselves on being kind, thoughtful and compassionate human beings who will always do the right thing or offer their support if it is needed. However, because their goodwill makes it hard for them to refuse any request, they may become overburdened with problems that aren’t their own. Their generosity and good-natured charm may win them many admirers, but underneath they can often be plagued by self-doubts and silent frustration. Part of the reason for their insecurity is that they can feel torn between their strong feelings of personal responsibility and the need for time and space to pursue their own interests.

Until the age of twenty-four they will often have a very goal-orientated, practical approach to life; but after the age of twenty-five there is a shift in emphasis, and opportunities will be presented to them to develop their individuality. It is important that they take advantage of these because only when they are able to reconcile their desire to help others with their desire to find personal fulfillment can they unlock their remarkable potential.

At first those who live and work with these people may find it unsettling to see them becoming more independent, but it is absolutely crucial that they don’t allow this to unsettle them. They only have to make the effort to strike out on their own and pay attention to what they want to achieve in life to perform miracles, rise to the top of their career, and achieve long-lasting success while maintaining the respect and affection of those around them.

On the dark side

Self-sacrificing, insecure, frustrated

At your best

Generous, charming, noble

Love Give and receive in equal measure

When it comes to affairs of the heart, people born on December 27 may be drawn to wild, unconventional and sometimes selfish characters, but they are happiest with a partner who can offer them security, affection and support. They need to be careful that they don’t become too dependent in their romantic affairs, and to take as much as they give.

Health Learn to accept praise graciously

People born on this day may be prone to anxiety, worry and depression. This is in part due to their giving nature and the fact that others may take advantage of them; it is also due to the fact that they can suffer from low selfesteem. They need to learn to accept praise and to place their own happiness at the top of their list of priorities. When it comes to diet, they need to eat a diet low in salt and sugar, and ensure they eat plenty of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. As far as exercise is concerned, the more they do the better; as well as keeping their weight down and keeping their bones and joints flexible, exercise will boost their selfesteem. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the color red will boost their confidence, and carrying a tiger’s eye crystal or placing it next to their bed at night will promote their selfesteem, giving them the courage to put themselves first.

Career Born counselors

These people are multi-talented, so whatever career they choose they are likely to make extremely valuable contributions. They may be drawn toward teaching, nursing, medicine, the caring professions, public relations, human resources, counseling, charity work, emergency services, the leisure and beauty industries, sport, and social reform. Alternatively their desire to express themselves creativity may lead them to writing or the performing arts.

Destiny To be a role model for others

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to balance their own needs with those of others. Once they are able to take as well as give, their destiny is to show others, by example, that there is always a place in this world for compassion, kindness and understanding.

Power Thought

“If I put my mind and heart into it, there’s nothing I cannot do”

December 27

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Capricorn

Ruling planet: Saturn, the teacher

Symbol: The Goat

Birth date ruler: Mars, the warrior

Tarot card: The Hermit (inner strength)

Favorable numbers: 3, 9

Lucky days: Saturday and Tuesday, especially when these days fall on 3 and 9 of the month

Lucky colors: Dark green, red, indigo

Birthstone: Garnet

(Source: )

Not really believing but some of it sounds similar

Accountable to God

Whenever I do face difficult situation or people and I feel like reacting badly, this few verses keep me from doing that. It’s not to say that I became perfect, I still do sometimes and God keeps me in check.

Romans 12:9-17
Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good. Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other. Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically. Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying. When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality.

Bless those who persecute you. Don’t curse them; pray that God will bless them. Be happy with those who are happy and weep with those who weep. Live in harmony with each other. Don’t be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people. And don’t think you know it all!

Never pay back evil with more evil. Do things in such a way that everyone can see you are honourable. Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone.

It’s not possible for me to become so forgiving on my own. I believe that God is real and I put my hope in him.
I am almost 18 and by now I can see a bit on how the outside world is really like. People being selfish and stuff so that they won’t lose out in life. Adults getting cynical as they get older because of their experiences. Life gets more dreary and boring.

It seems naive of me to really hope right? But I know that my hope won’t be shattered because God is real.


Three most important things that keeps a person from going insane


I do not know how to explain my exhausted state of mind which has been there since i do not know when.
Its like i just want to be home, lie on my bed and simply do nothing. 
I do not want to go out, having to put my guard up since the outside world is so different and unfeeling. But i have to because i need to, for school and everything.
One more week to holidays and then i can rest.
I need time for myself if not i might go insane, becoming somebody that i do not want to be.
Life is so ironic at times. Its like you tell yourself that you are not going to end up like what others become due to certain circumstances. But when those circumstances come, you try your best to not be like them but somehow you actually become and you do not know how that just happen.
Relying on my own strength to get through difficult situations is not enough, that what i have learnt. Although there are times when i just refused to face that fact.
I turn to God, pray, put in my 100% effort and just hope…….
Faith in times of problems
Hope in times of pressures
Love in times of conflicts
Yes that what keeping me sane, keeping me from negative thoughts.

Gardens by the bay

My family and I visited gardens by the bay for the first time on Wednesday. I was not exactly excited but am just looking forward to the relaxing time spent with my family.

My first impression of it was that it’s actually nothing much because it’s too modern and not really natural although the plants are real.

But the scenery at night was really nice. A pity Singapore is small so the scenery always have the Singapore flyer and the buildings around it.

Let the pictures do the talking 🙂

My grandparents accepted Christ!

Thank God for answering my family prayers 🙂

My grandparents were actually taoist and have been since years ago. It is a miracle and by God grace that they accepted Him.

I still could recall whenever my dad bring them for seekers service,my grandpa will always head out halfway to smoke and my grandma would not understand anything because she only studied till pri 5.

I find it not possible is also because my family is always filled with conflicts. They might have a bad impression that Christianity did not help at all. And so sometimes I feel guilty…

But praise God! I am really happy for them! God is real!

17 Aug 2012

2 more weeks to go before holidays!!

Since March till now, i have not had any proper rest or enjoyment due to TEP. I really do need the holidays for a few reasons.
1. To be fit and healthy again: 
My energy level now is very depressing. Just a shift at cheers, standing for about 3 and a half hours can already deplete most of my energy for the day. As a result, i look worn out and my friends are asking me if i am all right because i also look sad. I need to eat more and maybe try exercising. Since i graduated from secondary school, i had not been exercising. 
I am also suffering from sleeping problems, i had to struggle for an hour plus before i can sleep. An average person takes just 7 minutes! Overthinking and not breathing well are the contributing factors as to why i cannot sleep well. I need my sleep now more then ever before.
2. To work and earn money:
Its a pity that i cannot travel during this one month plus break. Because my sister is forever busy with her CCA and her holiday periods are different from mine 😦 So far this year, i have not travel to other countries other then malaysia. And my only last opportunity comes at the final 2 weeks of december 😦 I hope that there will not be projects that i am tied to. 
So i cannot be possibly rotting at home during this break, i might go to work in either retail or admin stuff. No F & B because my wrists have no strength. I might end up breaking everything. I shall earn some money for my own use.
3. To be emotionally renewed:
Now i am finding my life a drag, i am not laughing much and feeling anything. No proper time to rest have caused this. I also have not been spending time with God too. And if this continues on, i will become moody and not happy at all. Time to renew and refocus myself on the purpose that i committed myself into 🙂
These are the reasons why i really need. Just self motivate myself for this final 2 weeks and i can fully rest after that 🙂


My church is a small church but close bonded within. Even though i may not be really close but I am comfortable being with them.

I had been in Agape community church for about 8 years. I joined since end 2004 when my auntie brought my family over. At first I was really reluctant especially since I am previously from City Harvest, the church I grew up in.

But nevertheless, as time went by, I gradually become comfortable although I am still awkward at times. My family moved to another church end 2010. I am the only one still attending this church. It was hard to get used at first because I am not particularly close to them except for one or two. But I never regret because I want to be in this church.

Agape community church was where I accepted Christ as my saviour , got baptised and learn more about God. I have seen this church in its up and down moments, which actually motivates me to stay on, to help create a better future.

Recently a lot of guest speakers has came and prophesied saying that God is going to bless and expand the church even more. This come in the event where we are going to merge with Herald Assembly in the near future.

Although I am still slightly fearful because I have to meet new people and get used to the new merged church, I am excited too. I believe that the prophesices made by the guest pastors will come to pass by the will of God. It’s not something that is made up by themselves for its not possible.

Looking forward to the unknown but exciting future 🙂

Always expect the unexpected 🙂


So often I emphasised on the importance of character over beauty and i still continue to believe in it. But indeed what determines a person first impression is the other person physical appearance.

Thank God that the first impression is not the final impression for time will show a person true colours. For if that was the case I would have failed the test.

I am quite skinny but I am not that pretty. I have a mole on my right side above my upper lip. My legs are slender but the skin condition isn’t good as I have a lot of marks. It resulted when I scratched a lot when I was younger. I look arrogant sometimes because I don’t smile all the time .

Definitely I get self-conscious, especially when I was bullied back in secondary school. Actually my mole started appearing when I was 10 and so I become more insecure. Those people who tease me will talk about my looks and one even asked why I didn’t remove it.

It’s definitely not a awesome time for me back then. I was hurt and sad. Yes while removing it does makes me look better, but the motivation is wrong. I do not want to remove it for the sake of what others say.

My sister also has one right on the same spot as mine. And people will always notice it when they see us together. Their comments are always compliments but sometimes we are too sensitive because we are too self conscious.

Over the years, I do entertain the thought of removing it but I did not because the reasons are due to insecurity. But I realise that it actually helped me to become stronger and mature.

If the mole had not existed, I would not have receive all those negative treatments by others who judge me based on my looks. While its not a awesome experience, I do get to become stronger and know the importance of character over looks. And I wouldnt be so narrow minded too. I do gained bigger and better perspectives about things and not to be too obsessed over stuff that are temporal. I could not say that I am now awesome or perfect but rather I could say i have become better as compared to a few years ago.

What about removing it now? Hmm, I would say that if I get about to doing it one day, it’s not because of how other s opinions but because of I want to look better. I do want to look better too. But that day and time when I do it, I do not know because it is going to be a spontaneous decision.

I am not gonna change myself 100% and become more proud after that. Because I am not proving myself to anybody. My actions are accountable to God. Whatever people thinks after that, I will try not to dwell too much because there no use.

But now I am not gonna worry about the future. I do not know what the future may brings. After all I might actually not get to do it so I shall not try to predict the future. It’s foolish and meaningless.

Till then I will take things one day at a time 🙂


Sometimes I act like a total whiny person, making narrowed judgements on others and things. Sometimes I worry so much and I imagine the worst scenarios possible. Sometimes I become moody and want to shut off the world.

That is because I am a human. And it’s only through God’s grace that I do my best to stop myself whenever I feel like that.

During those times whenever after I did that, my conscience will prick me. I feel so bad that I will apologise first. I did it to save the friendship with the person.

I just want to be sincere although times and times circumstances try to convince me that I am too naive to do that. That I should have be more smart and cunning.

But praise to God! He protects me and deliver me out through every circumstance. That is why I aim to continue to be sincere and helpful to others. For we are all fellow human beings and nobody is above the other.

I do speak bad words from time to time. I am not perfect but I will do my best to be better 🙂

I blog this not to convince others but more to myself. To tell myself not to give up.

Love is not easy but it’s better then hate

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