First day back at school

Yes first day back at school i was greeted by all the banners showing about H1N1 and the list of affected countries. At the entrance it was divided into half….one for those who has been to affected areas and the other who is okay. I had to also show my thermometer as i went in. There was no assembly and i had to take my temperature twice. The surrounding air in the school was very tense..

But it was not that bad. Everybody was like normal….no worries. Today i was doing almost nothing. Do you know that we spent almost 2 hours to read newspaper. Of course nobody did that. My form teacher wanted us to do it for the first 2 hours? I was like………speechless. Then later english lesson followed by physics and recess. Blah.the rest of the day was fine. New seating arrangements and timetable was known. Its ok……not bad. Tomorrow school lessons will begin….

I need to go…..yeah…


my phone…

O God let us be a generation that seeks, that seek your face O God of Jacob…

This topic has been a very pressing issue. Time is running out and yet right from the start, i wasnt commited. I was whining…its my bad that my phone is going to be gone. I wont blame anyone. How am i feeling now? Sad…………

But i will get over it….i know.

Today a lot of major things were announced to the church. That time and venue of our meetings may change. I was surprised and i voted yes to the changes.

Feeling quite down right now…..i bare it all to God tonight….

Coming soon!

This Monday i will be going back to school! Alas! How time flies by so fast..but i dont mind because my new baby bro is coming into this earth soon! I can imagine myself playing with him everyday…can imagine myself rushing home after school just to see him.

He will revive the childish things in me that i have put it away long ago…i am so happy! Not only that my aunt and cousins from germany will be coming to see him……omy…..i cant imagine how joyful this may be..

His name will be called Ivan. I will try not to have any biased thoughts about it. I believe i will not……even though i have a bad experience meeting people whose names are the same.

Now on to other news..hehe

Michael Jackson died suddenly yesterday morning. I first received the news from an sms by my friend. I was shocked at his sudden departure. He just left without any notice. People all over the world cannot grasp this shocking news. I used to like him when i was young. To me, he was musically talented and he introduced a whole new style of music. I particularly like his dance moves. It was a pity that he died so fast.

Now i am alone at home….which gives me basically more freedom to experess my thoughts. Just now i was singing christian songs……i like worshipping..seriously… brings me lots of encouragement.

Tomorrow will be the second youth service and i look forward. I really want to see Agape community church grow in love and unity

experience of spending 24 hours at home…

…..not for the first time anyway..haha

Hmm i will not describe what i done in the morning…its boring…

Studied from 9am to 11.30am. I got to confess…i didnt even study,i spent the whole time looking out of the window.

Auntie winnie went out at 11.25am…and there the real fun begins

I didnt kn0w what to i spent my break singing songs with my sister. Its fun…i like to sing. But when the neighbour is coming out….i would stop and pretend to be doing something else…

Later on i practised guitar…………..and there life goes on……

shall post again

when will i get over this??

Well i am me….an introvert and boring to most people. I am not putting myself down..its a known fact. By people’s body language..i know that yes i am not that interesting..

In the beginning when i first heard about this fact which is so painfully obvious..i was hurt. I was thinking why people didnt give me a chance to prove myself ..why? But it turns out that i didnt give them a chance…before i reveal more..see these

Sorry if its a bit unclear. These are my two other sisters in malaysia. Older sis was named tiffiany..and younger one called nicole..

During the church camp for tuesday night service..Pastor Franics said that i had a lot of fear in my life and encouraged me to be myself.

To  me, being myself is when i am comfortable in what i am doing. But then that is not true. When i am with close friends..i tend to be  super hyper and talkative…while in church or anywhere else…i am super quiet..and i am comfortable. I want to be involved in church..i wanna see it growing in unity..i wanna help…and i am gonna try

I pray for God’s encouragement..for me to reveal my hyper side. It will take time. I shall start with worship……….i wont care how my dad and stepmum thinks whenever i worship…i will be free. To be honesr i have been held back because of people comments. I heard some not nice comments before in church….not gonna get angry…..well they dont know me well enough..cant blame them.

I am not doing this for people but for GOD!


Church camp…GOD’S GRACE..

Hi i am back ..woohoo…here are some pictures taken from facebook..

well i am not sure whether you could see it….never mind//

This church camp is seriously fun….i just wouldnt know how to put it into words..preacher was great..sermon was great ..just everything. My faith in God has strengthened through this awesome camp.

I learned a new song there……….till now i cant stop the humming in my head..haha…i guess it shall be staying with me for a long time..

Ok i wanna go..bye

Church Camp

Hi i am done with COL..all i could say was that on that day the second performance was much better than the first..thats it. I cannot complain otherwise i would have to transfer the purple band to my other wrist. Wonder why? Well this band is part of a complaint free campaign..and i am going to wear for at least 21 days. Well its defintely it keep me conscious of my complaining..

Yes my topic today is church camp. Church camp will starts next monday and i will be going without  my family..second time overseas without them. I am pretty excited and nervous about it. But i am a person who tends to worry..

My first time overseas without them was last year. I went on a school overseas trip to China. I have no close friends and i was almost sure that i would not really have a  wonderful time..but i was wrong. I went there with fear but came back with a smile etched on my face. I made wonderful friends there and unleash my crazy side. Till now i still could not forget the memories..

I do hope that this camp is the same…especially since this is filled with brothers and sisters in Christ. During the church camp briefing..i heard about how much free time we will have. I am afraid that i will not really make good use of it….yes…i am like that..