OK hi……….it has been a super long time ever…

OK hi……….it has been a super long time ever since i post due to me being lazy……

I shall post my results here….

English: 60/100( it has deproved) this is only the CA paper
Maths: 55/100( improved by 27 marks!) on ca paper
Science;92/100( i am so happy! thank God)
Chinese: 83/100( improved)!

I have improved on my maths, chinese and science! even though for maths its kinda low..
Yesterday i went for CCA..and my instuctor show us how the other schools work..
I was surprised..seriously..and i admire them..
Their passion is really there..
And what about here?
I dont wish to say this but its true..
there is no passion in my cca..i have the passion..
But everytime when i stepped in…the feeling of demotivation overwhelm me..its not that i wanted..
But the feeling is there!
I also hate breaks during cca because nobody comes back on time!
For me its totally useless…………………i WANT TO LEARN SOMETHING!
But why why must there be breaks?
Come on buck up! we cant be like that ! we must change!
I rather have no breaks! Mr yeo is here for a purpose and he have to teach us..
Cant you imagine you are mr yeo and your students always take breaks?
How will you feel? For me, i rather go to another school..
I dont like people who have no passion in what they are doing


 Hey people!Long time never post so i shall …

 Hey people!

Long time never post so i shall take this opportunity to write..
Recently i had CA2 exam…for english, chinese and maths..
I only received back results for english and chinese
English:30/50( so pathetic right?)
Chinese: 38/50( A1)

I was quite disappointed for my english results..
Didnt expect it to turn out this way..
Chinese was very good..i finally have a A1…

This coming friday..i will be having a camp in school..
From friday to sunday..last minute notice but i still join..
I do hope that they will fulfill what they had said..

Ok right now my sister is yearning to be inside this post..
But she cant fit her head inside..too Bad!
A cute little girl who sometimes make me feel like slapping her……jkjk
Ok i shall stop here

 Recently all my posts are either personal o…

 Recently all my posts are either personal or to friends only..
cause its kinda personal..
So there may be a chance where i might make it private
See how

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Ok some of the words i dont understand..all i know is to take the test

&nbsp;Recently i have been having friendship prob…

 Recently i have been having friendship problems with shimin and fatin..
The problem has actually started since the june holidays///
Cause shimin actually betray  me before the holidays..
And so i told the school counsellior…she listen to my problems and everything..
I feel really comfortable telling her…
So she asked shimin to come in and we start telling all our problems..
Which in fact, we reconciled after that..

But i know this friendship will never be the same as it used to be..
During the june holidays….i never talk or sms her..and she also..
So when the first day of the second half of the year started..i left her with fatin..
I went my own independant way..it was indeed lonely..
Tongues will defintely wag if they see me not hanging out with them..
But then suddenly they started badmouthing me..for no reason…
I was shocked..
I sent them many sms asking them for forgiveness..
But they didin reply and i will feel very stressed…
I heard more rumours about them gossiping about me and decided to take action…

I once again approach the school concillor and  tell her about it..
Yesterday she called them it and it  was resolved

&nbsp;Finally COL is over!On tuseday was the firs…

 Finally COL is over!

On tuseday was the first performance..
The performance was ok but due to some sound problems..the music was soft..
Finale dance was alright..
We have to stay back for a second round..and its a bit worser..
Today was the best…finally our effort pay off..
I was extremely tired after the performance……………but now cn rest..hehehe

Haha! i am blogging to me,myself and i..heheToday…

Haha! i am blogging to me,myself and i..hehe

Today i went to school with a positive outlook….because yesterday i performed and i wonder what people will think of me..
But there is no comments given…haha heng ah
During assembly, we sat according to the places which we will sit for commendation day..which is on a friday..
Saw shimin talking to her npcc friends..without fatin..
So this sign tells me that they must have had an quarrel because when fatin came..they didnt talk to each other..
Worser still for me, i am sitting beside the both of them..fatin was  in front and shimin beside me..
So i can just feel the pressure from them..
Our first lesson was CD and miss ruth never come..
That means we are free for two hours..as the next lesson was science..
I was listening to my music throughout these two hours..
As i was sitting near fatin and shimin..i just suddenly thought of trying to reconcile with them
I sent them smses but they rejected//shimin even said that she wont let this matter rest so easily..
She claim to be the victim but hey! i am also one!
She hurt me and i hurt her…i didnt take revenge and now she want to take!
Who do she think she is! God have the right to do that but not her!
I was pissed off from that time until geography..
So angry until i just started badmouthing them..its my fault..i know..
Revenge doesnt help at all..instead it only made matters worse..
I told madam yasmin about it and she say that maybe tomorrow she will call us..
Actually i am the one who planned the meeting with the school counsellor….i want a peaceful ending 

Hi!I just read a book concerning about how i can …

I just read a book concerning about how i can live my life well and fully in Chirst through my inner being..
It is truly nice and it gave me motivation..and it also correct some of the views that i had previously..
One of my views was that God can help me to fight the devil..that means he do all the work..
And i just got to pray..i was wrong..
In fact God want us to learn how to resist the devil..by not helping us..
He can only help us if we learn how to help ourselves..he help us by providing ways…
This seriously made me reflect for a while..and indeed its true..
I have been insulted at, mocked at by others..and i really thank God for his support…
Without him, i wouldnt have managed to keep a postitive outlook..throughout this tough times..
My character was made stronger through these trials..and that is a good thing too!
I also have learn how to forgive and forget…
These two words are easy to say but hard to practise because somehow that whole thing just make you negative..
But for me now, its not an issue..i will forgive and forget once its over..
Life is unfair..i got to accept that..
But i am fully assured that i got a friend who is always by my side forever..without fail..
And his name is JESUS!

&nbsp;You know what! I learn something new today!…

 You know what! I learn something new today!

And its just so simple…ironing……..
Haha you cant really blame me because i have been taken care of very well..

Ok yesterday was Sunday and of course i went to church..
After church we went to a shopping mall to buy a rice cooker..
Halfway through the PA system announced that 2 children were missing..
And just at that point of time, two wailing children appeared..a boy and a girl holding hands….
They were very young and they were very afraid..
You can just feel the feeling of being lost through them..
I felt it and its really very scary…it can drive you to death..
Actually i wanted to help..but then they disappeared again into the crowds..
I hope that some kind hearted soul would help them..and i believe..that will happen
Tomorrow is COL(assembly)..and i am not feeling nervous anymore..
Rather i am feeling excited..i do hope that it would be the best and friday would even be better..
So that means i got a lot of things to carry..
As tomorrow..during literature..my group will have to act..
And i got to wear a dark t-shirt and blue jeans..
I also have to bring my guitar costume for COL..
2 sets of clothes! So many!
Right now i will have to relax…..relax

&nbsp;COL was badly done yesterday….seriously…..

 COL was badly done yesterday….seriously..
And some more this is like our last practise..
Next tuseday will be our performance and friday..if i am right..
I reached home at 8pm last night..from school..
We had only 1 round of practise yesterday..
So i should reach home earlier..but 5 or 6 handphones were lost from dance..
So spot check was taken and no phones were found..
It was clearly obvious that someone from outside hate some dance people…
During the guitar performance..i admit that i am a bit blur..right from the start..
So i was part of the reason why it was bad yesterday…

Ok lets dont talk about it……
The Beijing Olympics Games is coming up in the next few weeks..
And this is one of the rare times that singapore get to participate in..
Defintely the hot favourites will be from other countries..especially in china…
But singapore has its own favourites in table tennis as singapore is ranked 2nd in the world..
The pressure on our national table tennis players will defintely be stronger..as singapore is confident to win medals in this area…
Swimming may also be one of our achievements..as we had strong swimmers..
So i wish them all the best…and to bring glory to our country