A long while

It has been a really long while since i last posted.

I got caught up with school stuff and entertainment. Despite all these stuff, i find myself needing time to space out and think deeply of the issues that i have always been thinking about.

Am i living a fulfilling life?

What is my purpose in life?

These two questions will guide me through the uncertainities of life. It might not feel right to pose it now but i feel that i need a long-term goal to reach for and aim towards.

Life is short, time is precious.

Right now i could say that i am not living a really fulfilling life. There are many things that i need to improve on. I want to work in a job that helps others to fulfill their potential. I love it when i see or hear a person achieving or living out his or her dreams . Because they found their purpose in life and they are happily contented. But i got to start with myself first. I got to be more optimistic.

I just took a personality test( i am always doing it because i cant be satisified with what im reading about myself) and i found one that really fits me.


The Perfect Melancholy is deeply thoughtful. They are the artists of the world as they are talented and creative, artistic, musical, philosophical, deep and thoughtful, analytical, appreciative of beauty, poetic and idealistic. They are sensitive to others, self-sacrificing and conscientious.  In work they are schedule oriented, perfectionists with high standards, detail conscious, persistent and thorough. They are organized, neat, tidy, and economical. They have the ability to see the problems and find creative solutions. The Perfect Melancholy makes friends cautiously and is content to stay in the background. They are faithful and devoted to their friends and will listen to complaints and solve problems as they have deep concern for other people. They are moved to tears with compassion and see the ideal mate.

Their weaknesses include a tendency toward depression and moodiness. They may have a low self-image, false humility, selective hearing and will remember the negatives. They may appear off in another world, too introspective, self-centered and enjoy being hurt. They tend to be hypochondriacs with an excess of guilt or a persecution complex.  They are not people oriented so at work they often prefer analysis to work. They become depressed over imperfections, choose difficult work, are hesitant to start projects, are hard to please, self-deprecating and have a deep need for approval. Socially they are insecure with a tendency to live through others. They are remote, withdrawn, critical of others, and suspicious. They may hold back affection, be antagonistic or vengeful and unforgiving.  They dislike those in opposition, are full of contradictions and skeptical of compliments.

Most of the description fits me and i now understand why i get sensitive so easily. This is one area i got to improve. Stop complaining!

I roughly know that my purpose in life is to help others, i do not like to work  with numbers. I need human contact and i need a goal that is meaningful. This is what i want to do in the future. Earn money but with a fulfilling purpose.

I have to focus on the present first. Get good grades and work up from there