Good afternoon…! better than saying hi ha…

 Good afternoon…! better than saying hi haha

Recently i had been going back to school for my cca..
And well i am improving!

And also next thursday i shall be going to shanghai for my has been a long long long time since i went overseas..
From the 5th to the 11th of june..
But sadly i shall have to stay at home after that everyday till school reopens..
Now due to my Sa1 results i got to go back to the same study time table that my father had set..and seriously its very long
I got to study from 9am to 11.30am..2pm to 5pm…7.30pm to 9pm
Total number of hours that i had to study is 6 hours!
Seriously i dont know whether my home should be called a home or a place for study study 
A home is a place where you can relax..share time with your family..
But this is not happening in my house!
The most common word that comes to my mind when i am at home is the word study!
6 hours..what can i do except to study!
Seriously i got no mood for that..
Even saturday and sunday is the same……
Ya i know we students job is to study..but not till this extent right?
Like that not need to go to school already..just stay at home..
I prefer school than home..
I got a chance to play a bit and to express myself..not like home


Lets start off with me mentioning the top 10 in m…

Lets start off with me mentioning the top 10 in my class
TOP 10

1st: Yuan Sheng
2nd: Yu fa
3rd: Andy
4th Jlo
5th Zhi Xuan
6th: Jt
7th: me
8th: Mel
10th: Xian Jing

Congrats to these peoples1
I am quite lucky this examination for i am supposed to fail maths, art and home econs..
But thanks to CA, i only failed art
Here are my results..
English: B3
Chinese: B3
Maths: C6
Science: A2
Literature: B3
History: A2
Home econs: C6
Art: E8

To me..i am not really content with these results..cause if you were to look at my Ca1 results..
You should know that i had deproved..
Got to work harder..
Comments: Zoe is a determined worker who has done well consistently. She has put in commendable effort to improve this term. She is an intelligent and dillgent student who takes a genuine interest in her studies; keep up the good work.

For me the comments dosent quite fit me cause this term i slack a lot..seriously..haha must work harder!

 Hi…Like what i had just mentioned in my p…


Like what i had just mentioned in my previous post..i went to library yesterday..
I was like so super tired after reaching there because i walked from my house to bedok library!
Its not that i want la..but i need to fetch my sis to the bedok stadium..and its quite near..
Then some more the stadium is quite near the library so just walk lor!
Spent about an hour in the library..enjoying the air-con and dont wish to go home yet..
After that i took bus home……
Oh well today i go to school for my cca..totally had no mood..
Because the song that we were practising was difficult..
But i talk to my friend so it kind of lighten up my mood..yeah
And i am happy that i will only be seeing miss huda tomorrow..because last minute got something on..
So i wont face much pressure!
All i have to do is to sit and hear and take and go..haha
Good luck to those who are going for the meeting tomorrow!

 Hi..Yesterday night i watched the charity s…


Yesterday night i watched the charity was so sad la….
Seeing actors and actress pleading people to donate..using their tears..its just so sad
I almost cried..i was thinking of singapore have earthquake..
Bye bye  singapore..
Anyway tomorrow i got cca…sia la……………..i am still pissed of with my guitar instructer..
And wednesday got the parents meeting session..OH NO!
Die liao..seriously results are bad..terrible..
I would have to go back to the same study time as my more Freedom!
I must do well for the next exam……
This June holidays..i will be bored..after going to shanghai..
Everyday study..its not that i wanted..but its a punishment for me..
Got to accept it..
I will try to go to library as often as possible to make myself less bored//

 Hi again..Let me talk about results..I am s…

 Hi again..
Let me talk about results..
I am sure that you are interested..haha
Le me start off by saying that is worser thaan ca1

English paper 2: 47/80
Chinese paper 2: 46/70
Chinese listening comphre: 10/20
History: 66/100
Maths: 27.5/100
Home econ: 27.5/100( pro lor)
Lit: 32/50
Art 45/100 but overall will pass
Science: 72/100

So i defintely has deproved. must work harder
Now i cant really say who will get 1st in class because everyone has failed at least 1 subject
Maybe the first in class will be the one who got the least number of subjects failing
High chance that it could be yuan sheng
cause he failed home econs but overall can pass..
I dunno..but good luck to all

 Hi again..Recently i found out that people …

 Hi again..

Recently i found out that people actually read my blog..but for different reasons la..
Haha i know my blog is not really interesting..
Oh well things got better today..
I made up with shimin..well the person who spread gossip about me..
And things can finally end //problems
I had accepted Jlo apology….i dont hate him la..
Personally if you want to know..i dont hate anyone from my class…
I was upset was because of the insults and not them..the words that they used to mock me,,
I know there is peer pressure in my class..
Like trying to fit in with the popular..or make friends with them..
So that they wont be insulted..
I am not trying to fit in..i just want to have peace with everyone..
Today is seriously a very tiring skating..frisbee
And then i didnt eat lunch because need to go for councelling..innovation day and guitar//so crammed
And i do hope that after this will not happen again..\
I didnt want to complain at first because i know how they will react if they found out..
But i know that if i didnt..things are going to get worse
The counciller say that i got a deduction mind..
That means i will try to think out of many possible solutions if i cannot figure out something..
And also i think 10 steps ahead of others..haha
Oh well..she say that i can be a speaker but i dont think so..way out for me1
Shall end here..i guess you all now know me much better

Today is a sad day for me. I just couldnt be…

Today is a sad day for me. I just couldnt believe how heartless is my class….so what if you are popular..does that mean you cah judge me? I dont judge you all and especially to that betrayer.. just because that im not her friend..does that give her the right to spread gossip? I never ever spread so much of gossips and she can do that..i am sad now.. Yes in class..i am quite quiet but so what? Does that give you all the right to bully me? I had enough! Ihad been very nice to you all yet this is how you repay me! I know some people hate me..yeah i knew it! But that does not give you the right to spread all nothing to do is it?? If you refuse to accept me, that is fine..but if you use the reason to bully me..i cannot accept it! 

 Actually i wanna blog yesterday but my fami…

 Actually i wanna blog yesterday but my family is at home..
I dont have that much privarcy..haha
Ok well yesterday as i had mentioned..i didnt go to church..
Reason being to celebrate a late late Mother’s Day
Woke up at 9 plus..quite late for me 
And my breakfast was noodles..but i should not have eaten it….i still ate it
Use computer to play games and soon we were off to marina square..
When we first reached there..we just walked around and look at some cars that they were promoting..
Then after that we go straight to eat lunch as everybody was there..
And it was around 11 plus when we you see it is barely 3 hours after my breakfast ..
We ate buffet..and i couldnt eat  a lot due to my breakfast..haiz
I dunno how long we were there but i was extremely bored as everyone was eating non-stop
I just dont know when they will end..they continued on like forever
So i was playing my handphone and listening to music..
Soon, after it seems like years and years.. we were finally out!
Our next arcade…i was quite happy at first
But my mood changed because i am going there to see other people pathetic
But thank God..i got money in my own wallet so i can use to play..
I went to play car racing..i love that!
Won my youngest uncle..haha and almost my dad
Actually i can win him lor..but then suddenly at the last minute he suddenly charged..and he win
That was a tough fight..haha
I also played other game machines..very fun
Soon we were out..and then halfway grandmother ask me whether want to make ear hole a not..
I was like a bit blurred..then finally i decided to..
Actually i have ear hole before but then i decided to close it..
And now open it again??
I went for it and my youngest uncle was like thinking that i am going to cry..but i didnt..haa
Ya it was a bit pain..but after a while its gone..after that
We went back to our first stop..the car exhibition//play around a bit
The cars were dad decided to buy one..
Halfway through we went Mcdonald to eat ice-cream ,..ok la
And by the time we were back..gurmit singh was there as the host..we sat very near him
There were games that he hosted..and one of them i went up..actually i didnt want
Its my youngest uncle who was pointing to me lor..then the host saw it and invited me
Haha the game was about i was like ok
Cause i am the memory type and i walk away with first prize
Actually i thought it will be the others..but they did a careless mistake so that is how i got first..haha
It was fun..after that we went home

This is a pretty long post and tomorrow i will be going back to school..and getting back my results
Hope that it will be ok for me.haha

 But i want to celebrate as well at the same…

 But i want to celebrate as well at the same time!


Now i am anxiously waiting for my results! Just the mere thought of getting my results will turn me crazy!
But then i would also be disappointed with some of my subjects because i know i did not revised well for it..
But oh well even though there are these FEW subjects that i am not really happy with..i am STILL CONFIDENT of the other subjects
Like History, Liiterature, English, Science..all these i did put in effort
So i hope that all my efforts wont come down to nothing..haha
Most likely the 1st in class will be JLO or YU Fa because they have studied..
But if i am to compare between the two..Yufa is better..he has a higher chance
His art is well as all the other subjects and he love to ask questions..that gave him a better advantage
Not to say Jlo is not good..but it all comes down to work attiude..
He have studied at home but if he pay attention in class..he can win yufa..if he get 1st..he is considered lucky
People who usually get 1st in class are those who are hardworking at school and home
So these time the competition will be Jlo hate Yufa
I really wonder why must people hate each other..just because of their character?
Cant you just accept the for who they are? No point hating them..they will be like that forever
Try to accept them and soon you can see that there is some good things about them that is worth accepting..
It all comes down to whether you want a not..
Work at peace with point hating them

 Hi!Last night i had a conversation with my …


Last night i had a conversation with my church friend about my problems..he help me
Oh well looks like i had to slowly change..
Because i am always quite quiet..i got to slowly open up..
And due to that some o f my classmates does not know me that well and start to have a bad impression of me..
I can be a nice person..
I dont talk to a lot of friends becuase i simply had not topic to talk..
Nowdays they talk about clothes, games, almost things that i dont really know..
They also have outings..
But i wont compare myself to them cause it is very miserable…i will be myself!
There are a lot of major bad news that has been happening recently..
The death toll in china has risen to 22 000..if this amount happened to singapore
That will be a very very big blow…
Singapore only have about 4 million its like super small compared to china
Just pray that there will be more survivors..
Oh well my classmates if you are reading this..let me tell you that i try to be more  friendly..
i know that it will be quite hard for you all to accept me but i still try..but i wont change myself totally

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