God is amazing

Well i did not blog for weeks thanks to my sudden addiction of games in facebook..haha

SA2 is over since last week…and from then on i was basically slacking and resting.

God is so amazing……i have seen it these past few days.

Initally after the examination….i was a bit unhappy for my english and physics papers. I was worried especially since i set high standards for myself. I was not happy …..

But God is wonderful. I never expected myself to do better and when i received my results….i was happy and contented.

Here it goes:

English: 66 B3

Chinese paper 1: 52/70 Paper 2: 38/70 (not sure overall)

Maths: 58/100

Science: 130/200..B3 but not sure overall

POA:92 A1

History: 77 A1

Combined Humanities: A1

Social studies: 40/50

Literature: 33/50

Seriously sometimes i wonder.why is God so good to me?