Road Race

Yesterday was the school annual road race. Reached Bedok  reservior at 7.10am, saw many lysians gathering in their cliques and chatting. Went over to my class..which consists of only a pathetic few of us. Helped Mr Kennedy taked attendance and other admin matters. Seriously only about 40% of my class attended the event. The other 60% must have thought it to be a waste of time and enegry, hence not attending it.

Soon we were told to put our bags at a fixed place-the tent and were to gather in our colour houses. After that did some basic warm-up and waited for our turn. I wasnt really sure whether i have enough enegry a not but i still ran. The lower sec ran first..and then the upper sec. Girls ran first so we walked briskly to the starting point. Enthusiam was buliding up and we were off ! Ran 4km for 35 mins…almost fainted when i reached…drank 1 bottle down immediately..dont know how much calories i lost while running

Next was the prize-giving ceremony…i dont know what was the problem but the people took so long for it to proceed, meanwhile we were all sitting in our houses. I am not a green person-as in i dont really like sitting on grass patches or play on yesterday was one of the rare few times when i really sat on it. Dont expect me to do it again xD. Soon the ceremony started and my house won the trophy…proud of my house.

Actually when i first learned i was in Green House, i didnt really like it because i thought all the people i seen are not really that sporty. But now i have changed my impression. I didnt go home immediately after the road race. Went to White Sands with Kelly and friends…lunched at Mcdonalds..and then go home. I wasnt supposed to do that..but i did. Had a enjoyable time with them

Currently reading a leadership book by Carlyn Fiorina…about business. Being A CEO is a very tough job….and reading this book make me feel like studying business… I know this type of book are meant for people like my dad..but i am just curious..will continue reading

Next week is CA test…for maths…Will prepare for it. And yeah i received the debate motion today which is THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THAT ADULTRY SHOULD BE CRIMMINALISED…apologise for spelling error..and we are the OPPOSITION! Omg, now its hard for me to think out..can anyone help? We are against North View Sec.


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