What a day it is!

Today is the day where i am going to china…

If you ever asked me how to describe my mood now.. i dont know how to answer. All i know is that i am ready.
For the previous two nights, i couldnt sleep very well..i dont know why. Maybe i am nervous about this trip..?
I had been thinking a lot since the debate session. I am a thinker who thinks too much. I had been trying to figure out who i really am. Is my real character confident, outgoing, speaks well or a quiet, introverted person? Be yourself..that is what everybody says but i dont really know myself so how can i be? I am a very quiet person among people i am not familar with and on the other side i am a talkative and confident person among my close friends. So what should i be? The only thing that i am in constant with is the love of reading inspired books and quotes.
I am not a double-faced person. No way! i am just a person who is trying to find out my own real self and to fight my own emotional barrier. Defintely it will take time..
During the 2 minutes of self-introduction…i tried my best to stay calm. I told them my interests and my character..like i dont make the first move to make friends and blaaa..all of these are true. Once i sat down, suddenly i realised i could have said it better…this always happen to me for thinking too much. Maybe i am insecure..but people say i dont look like one. Cause of my physical looks. I dont know how i became insecure, senstive to what people say …maybe its due to  my stepmother. She always scold me..treat me like i am a jinx. I always try to please her but in the end got her scoldings..
I used comp for an 1 hr so gtg..will come back next thurs with my trip


All right..enough of looking at other people blog…

All right..enough of looking at other people blogs…

I cant believe i am flying tomorrow to china. Flying? haha. Anyway lets talk about today.

Firstly i came to school early as my dad fetched me…yeah and then just after he drove off..i suddenly remembered something! I forgotten to bring the keys which were meant to open my luggage! I was like scolding myself all the way and were trying to think out solutions. But thank God, one of my overseas teacher was there so i approached her to tell her about it and she told me to bring it tomorrow. Waited outside the performance theatre after that, halfway talk to some teachers. Soon guitat begins. Basically we learnt the third page of the song and our sitting positions. Went down to library, saw some people there and the checking begins. As i didnt bring the key, i was just waiting for the teachers to finish their checking of others bags..feel so useless lor. Soon we could go off and i went up to comp lab before grabbing a quick bite before the debate session.

Reached the music room early, saw a few people and they are not from my class. So i felt weird, but thankfully i have a classmate who turns up which is zubair. But i dont talk to him la..cause he is scared of me…its not i who caused it…reason…my friends knows. The session was fun and enriching for me as i learnt a lot of things. then went home..
Tonight will be the last night for me sleeping on my bed..and soon i am gone flying! haha..seems pretty excited..will come back very soon

Changed themes again. i want to find a nice and s…

Changed themes again. i want to find a nice and suitable theme for  my blog…

Packed my bags already..to be precise..luggage and i shall be bringing it to school tomorrow for my teachers to check and keep in school. Till now, at this very moment..i still cant believe i am going to china without my family! This is my first time so naturally this will be my reaction right? i hope it is considered normal..HAHA. Today i went for guitar as usual and learnt the second page of the song, followed but submitting my subject combination form..and then go home…
There is one thing about me that i really want to change..it has been bothering me since i was primary one. i did not take much notice about it until when i was Sec 1. Amazing right, for 6 years of my life was spent without thinking much about it. And that thing is not being able to open up myself to people, not being able to approach unfamilar people and make friends. I always felt afraid, and not shy. Just afraid..
This is my barrier..i dont like it and i want to change it. Changing means stepping out of my comfort zone, and defintely i will be uncomfortable..but i know this has to happen..otherwise i will be constantly fighting with it for the rest of my life. And my first step will be my overseas trip..
Got to go..bye

Today i came to church in a okay mood, and left c…

Today i came to church in a okay mood, and left church with a energized mood..why?

Today there was this great pastor whose name is francis..if i am right. He came to preach about the dark times and the importance of having a purpose in our own life. He is also a prophet as well…and founded a school of prophets. I was inspired by his sermon, he is a funny person, almost making me laugh till to the point where i almost cried. Haha and i heard that he will be my camp speaker next year, Amen!
I still cant believe that this thursday i am going to china. Its like so fast, time flies very fast. I have almost finished packing all my clothes. I dont feel as afraid as i was intially thanks to today’s sermon and a book i bought secretly. Its a motivational book..

Time seriously flies very fast, dont you think so? If i were to think of my sec 1 orientation…it seems like it only happen yesterday. A lot of past memories that had happened still sounds new to me. And come on! i am approaching sec 3..upper secondary! End of year holidays has already arrived. today is the start of a new week…and before you know it..you will be saying goodbye to 2008.
Oh well to end off…i would like to say that i am planning new goals for myself which are good of course and i will be working towards that.

Yesterday i have my first guitar practise…For&n…

Yesterday i have my first guitar practise…

For me, i feel seriously awkard because i had not touched my guitar for a long time and i became unfamilar with it…
Reached school at 8.40am and bought a drink followed by waiting outside the performance theatre…
Actually i forgotten where to wait and i was checking at the dance studio before i found out the real location..seriously blur..
Saw fatin from 2e1 later on and we went to help madam maiza to carry some boxes of clothes from COL..
Madam Maiza opened the performance theatre and we went it..

Got in, started to take out our guitars and start tuning..did all the usual prepartions like preparing rows of chairs when Mr yeo came in..
Long time never see him also..so i felt a bit weird…
Most of the sec 1 juniors came…Sec 2  only a few people as the 2e5 people didnt come..sec 3 was also quite a few..
After preparing, madam maiza start the session by mentioning certain issues and problems..the same old problems..and she decided not to give us anymore breaks…i was fine with that. Then we were given the syf notice and the first page of the modifed la camparsita..
Madam maiza start to explain the syf things followed by mr yeo assigning us our new groups.. I am in alto 1 and its easy..defintely..
We learnt the first page of it….that what we mostly did..
Ended around 12.30pm as mr yeo was explaining about syf…so yeah that all

Hi,Next thursday i am going to china already….s…


Next thursday i am going to china already….so i am a bit nervous
Till now i still havent prepare a lot of things like packing my bag and buying gifts..! But dont worry i will still complete it somehow..
Next week i will be very busy..let me tell you
Next tuseday i have guitar from 10am to 1pm, followed by submitting my option form with my friend..
On wednesday…guitar as usual till 1pm, then 2 to 4 pm i have debate training…
And also on that day..i have to bring my luggage to school…defintely will be very tiring..

About the subject option form..i have decided to take POA, pure history and elective literature. I saw some people taking the same option as me and some of them are not my friends at all. My hope for next year is to land up in a class which no one look down on each other. A class with team spirit..yeah. I dont know if that will come true a not. But even if that does not happen…i will not be too disappointed..
I also have set certain goals for myself..which i will be working towards…ok…

Sometimes certain things have to be done by yourself and not by others…

Do you want to know why my blog is kind of dead? …

Do you want to know why my blog is kind of dead?

Cause i had actually wanted to make my entries private….but its too troublesome..so yeah i am back! Tomorrow will be the last day of school and defintely i would want to spend my day with my classmates but due to some unforseen circumstances, i have to spent it for overseas briefing. Of course i am not really happy about it..but i have to accept it as i am going to China next thursday.

I got my report book back, results were okay but i know i can do better..here are my results

English: 66 B3
Chinese: 67 B3
Maths: 56 C5
Science: 78 A1
Geography: 78 A1
History: 73 A2
Literature: 67 B3
D&T: 49 D7
Home economics: 52 C6
Art: 45 D7

Conduct: Very Good
Total: 631/1000
Percentage: 63.1
Class position: 16/36
Level position: 86
L1R4: 10
L1R5: 13

Comments. Zoe is trustworthy and values sincerity. She is supportive and encouraging to her peers. She remains composed and courteous under pressure. Zoe is highly motivated, with an unflagging determination to excel in her academic pursuits. She set ambitous goals and strives to acheive personal targets. A top student in the cohort, she takes proactive action to achieve outstanding results. She is reliable and carries out duties promptly and carefully. She engages in self-montioring and self-improvement. Her efforts paid off in remarkable results. Well done, Zoe.

OH well//here it is and i cant really believe some of the words in it…
And i am going to be a debater…

Okay..gtg…blog soon..bye