I cant find my literature worksheet ……tomorrow i need it! i am just so busy and now i am sick. Flu and cough but i have recovered from flu. Due to that i cant breathe well and get so breathless after climbing up a few steps..i hate it- the feeling of being so tired. I really must do something about this. I cant be the same anymore , i have to adjust my schedule. Got to sleep earlier . I need to rest well.

Today have SBQ Test, and i dont know what i am writing about. Stayed back after school for physics tutorial. I knew i should not be there in the first place but thanks to my laziness. I fail my test.

You noticed that the way i am writing now is just purely on what i thought of in no particular order. There are just too many things to write. I wish i could just teleport all of my thoughts here but its impossible. I am exhausted so i shall stop here


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