March….. has been a month since i last posted.

Many things had happened in my life ever since the last post.

Things that i never expect to happen …happens…….but im glad that there is God to be there for me in every single situation. šŸ˜€

To be frank, ever since the beginning of school……..i am still not really serious when it comes to studying.

All i did at most was to do homework(if possible) and prepare for small tests.

Am i ready for O Level?? DEFINTELY NO!

Gotten back my term 1 results…this is how it goes

English: B3

Chinese: C5

Maths: C6

Science: B3

Combined Humanities: B4

Pure History: B4


Although i pass everything……but i know i am not giving it my best shot. So im taking this march holidays to revise……must start to get serious.

However at the same time, i am trying to rest as much as i can. Sleeping 7-8 hours a day is not enough for me!

In the midst of it all, i just want to thank God..for everything..

There were several times this year when i think i could not make it…but yet i did with His Help. Each time i emerge stronger and better ..having faith in God.

I know this for certain: ThatĀ  He will never abandon me even when everyone does….Thank You God!

This will motivate me to work harder for O-Level:)