Hi…Last night i went to zikai’s gig..small…


Last night i went to zikai’s gig..small concert..it was fun..
But i got blisters! Arrggh! 
Before his concert starts..i have to meet jasmine at 8pm..
I reached there half an hour earlier..too early..so i went to play arcade..
Played a car racing game and won..haha
I also play the basketball game..and then half way through i throw too hard and the ball hit my face..haha
Heng ah..not many people see..
Soon it was 8pm so i bought a drink and met her…and wait for val..
A few minutes later..she arrived..
So since we are also waiting for another friend.. i accompany val to buy food//
Later on we go to his gig..yeah

I still have not finsh my homework..problem is i cannot find!
Tried to search but cannot..
So i have a reason and that is not a excuse..
Got to explain it to my teacher//
Ok i am planning to do other things so bye bye


 Yesterday i also went out with a friend..Wa…

 Yesterday i also went out with a friend..
Was fun and well we watch a movie followed by going to library right after that..haha
Ok now i shall continue my memories of my primary school days..
To  me primary 3 is the best year that i ever had..let me tell you..

In primary 3, i entered the worse and naughty class i ever had..even my form teacher couldnt control it..
That is the class where i grew to be more confident..
At the beginning, i was still the same and i was unhappy when i realised that i will not be in the same class with my two friends..
So i was a bit afraid when i entered this class..
The first friend that i made with was called michelle..
She fooled me cause i am easily fooled..she told me she was a chirstian..
She said that if i did this thing or that, i will go straight to hell..she also believe in ghosts..
During that time i believed her..how foolish i am 
Until one day when she slapped my face over a eraser…which she snatched from me….i tried to get it back..
Then the slapping came…i was shocked and i hit her head with my hand..
Everyone saw me hitting her and not the slapping that she did//
And they assume that i am at fault while she cried..
Next day she called me and told me that she has landed in a hospital..
Wow! i told myself. My hand could land her in a hospital..so powerful ..i know that is  a fake..
I never got along with her after that and i made friends with three others whom i still contact with today..
This three were the ones who accompany me throughout pri 3 and 4..
Now let me tell you how naughty was my class..
For the first half of the year..everyday we play games..which are not allowed but my teacher couldnt control..
Have an hour of recess..how? We came out earlier by half an hour..
We got our own groups and no one cares what the teacher taught..
Until one day when a new malay teacher stepped in..a female..
She changed my whole class..our places..everything..
At first we hated her…but gradually we like her..this is the teacher whom i shout into her ears..
It is not done on purpose..i was planning to shout at another classmate who was teasing me..
I was staring at the whiteboard at that time..until i could no longer control my temper..
Turn around and shout..my teacher was right in front of me..
I was really embarassed..ran out and cried..
I cant remember what happened after that..
This class was quite a united class..but not as united as my pri 1 and 2 class..It is through this class that i became more confident..
Even though it was a naughty one..but nevertheless..they help me..
And i thank God for them


 You know what? Last night i kept thinking o…

 You know what? Last night i kept thinking of my primary school..the past and wonderful memories..
In my primary school, i hardly heard the word betray..
Now let me tell you all my wonderful memories..and maybe embarassing ones as well

When i first entered primary school, i was a shy girl and a crybaby.
Shy girl of course la but why crybaby?
Let me tell you why..
I studied in the afternoon session..so my last lesson was always mother tongue..
Sometimes i didnt finish my work and my teacher scare me by telling me that she wont let me go home if i dont finish..
So i cried..until to the point where my teacher just ask me to pack up and do finish the work at home.
I also cried before going to school..cause to me, school is a dangerous place.
I hardly have any friends..
For the first few weeks, i cried before and after going to school..all because i am afraid of being abandoned..
My whole class was treating me like i am a little sister..which i was..i was the youngest.
Soon after that few weeks, i made friends with two people..one is jacqueline and another is called min hui.
This two were my only close friends when i was primary one and two.
I also got a enemy in class..she is called pearl wong..
She loved to bully me..stealing my things..and then when being found out..claimed that she didnt..
I also hit back…but too back everytime i hit back i got caught..
Punished to stand in front or the middle of the classroom.
But i really am not afraid of the punishment..haha
Finally, one day she left for another school…i was happy..no more enemies
When i was primary 2..i am still somehow a crybaby..
There was one incident which i fondly remembered..it was so silly and funny..
In class i sat beside a fat boy called Tom Michael and he always bully me..
So one time he took my erasers and throw into the dustbin outside for no reason..and i cried..
Once i cried..my classmates are gathering around and asking why and i told them the whole story..
And you know what happen next?
One of my classmates named Jinson yap went to that dustbin..Put his head right in and was finding my erasers..
I think it should be his whole body because i saw his legs swinging in the air..
He got back the erasers for me and well i was really admiring him..haha
After that incident, when we went for recess, another two of my classmates ask me whether the erasers was really important a not
To me it was not that important but i lied and say it is explaining that my parents will punish me..
Looks like i must have cried until people thought it was so dear to me..
And then there was another time when i cried again..i cant remember the reason..
But i recall everyone standing around me and asking me what happened..and also anyhow blaming people ..
During that time, there was no teacher and do you want to know what my class did?
The whole class bring me to my form teacher who was actually teaching at another class.
The girls were comforting me while the boys were running ahead of me, finding my teacher..
When we finally found her..she chased us back to our class and started screaming..
I cant remember what really happened right after that but i know that this is the first time that my whole class cared about me
Tomorrow then i shall continue..

 Hi,Now my maid is currently arguing with my…


Now my maid is currently arguing with my sister..it all started all because my sister joke too much and she didnt realise that my maid is serious..
You can really spot the difference when i am at home compared to church or other places..also as well my sister//
Maybe its because we dont really know a lot of people outside..
So we become more quiet and at home we show our real side…
oh well i am not saying that i am being fake when i am outside but its just that i feel more comfortable when i am with people that i know well..
Ok today i feel like talking about my sister and i..our differences..similarites..

My sister is called valarie..4 years younger than me. This year she is in primary 4… She is a very expressive person, through her actions and everything that she does, you will know what she is currently feeling. She loves to crack jokes and act cute to my dad. Sometimes, she do wrong things at the wrong time..like cracking jokes when everyone is serious and she is stubborn.. I as her older sister sometimes feel jealous because i am not like her. I am not really a expressive person. I hardly show any love expression gestures to my dad and when i feel lonely or hurt..i dont show it. So my sister can make friends more easily and me..not so. I am not saying that i am worse than her..but in making friends.she is better. I did have my strengths..i am a loyal person and dont really gossip a lot..but then i am not those who can make up a conversation easily.. So this problem always hinder me all the time whenever i at school, church or home. of course it is not entirely but it still affects..
At church, i have a few friends whom i always talk to..but there are a few people whom i feel that i should try to strengthen this friendship. I take relationships seriously. So i dont quite like it when i will only talk to if we are in a team for games and other than that we become total strangers. There are and i am not blaming them, maybe its due to my own problem that i cant do it. From the start when i join the church, i wasnt that open..i was so quiet because i was shy. And maybe due to that i hardly get many friends and also due to that people have been making impressions of me which i dont know whether its good or bad. 
At school, i also got this problem..i got a few close friends and maybe 2 only. And you know there are times when friends do quarrel. And due to that one of them turned herself against me and spread out all my secrets to the whole class. I was seriously hurt and even though we had patched up in the end, i know that this friendship will no longer be the same again. My class is those types who hated studying and always hang out. Clothes, music that they talked about..i dont know so that is why i am not with them. So people will tend to bully me if i am alone and quiet. Oh well but now it will be better because i had approached a teacher and she has helped me.
Home is not much of a problem and now i am trying to open myself up slowly and it takes time..
Firstly i am battling this problem on my own and i do wish to overcome it. i want to really be myself and not be afraid of what others say.

My life…

Ok ..hi

My 4th day…if i am right is defintely better..
Because the night before i had promised myself not to make anyone angry again..
So basically we tour around the shopping area which was near our hotel..
And we also buy quite a lot of things..for me i bought a wallet and a pair of shoes..
Most of the things that we bought was done through bargaining..oh well it was quite fun seeing my dad bargaining and the shop owner was getting more and more angry..
We tour from morning till late afternoon…then we took the train back to shanghai
It was already night time when we reached there and we ate at KFC before going back to our hotel..
Defintely it was a tired day..

Oh well..
I am going out this wednesday with a friend..and planning to watch a movie..
It has been ages ever since i last go out..
So i am looking forward to it..



 All right i am now absoultely frustrated wi…

 All right i am now absoultely frustrated with this livejournal..
I just wrote one entry..and suddenly its gone..i dont know why..
Oh well thanks! 

Tomorrow then i shall continue about the shanghai thingy.

I think we need to reflect on our own sometimes right..we need to quiet ourselves down and think through what we had done in the past few days..
This is especially so for those who are going through tough times..
Everyone needs to reflect, not only adults but we teenagers too..
Most of the time i reflect..and of course when i was alone…indeed which i does..most of the time..
And what do i reflect on…??
I always reflect on my own weakness like why i cant be like others who express themselves freely without any hindrance?
Why cant i make friends easily like others?
Why my confidence will only arise when i am alone and not with others..
All these questions all point to one thing-friendship.
I am a quiet and confident person on the outside..
But on the inside..i am almost the opposite..i got that burning confidence in me that i want to express out..
I can speak well..but the problem is that..it will only happen when i am alone or with people that i am familar with..
I want to join in games..and sports..but dont have that courage..
I want to be a leader..but i am afraid of other people’s comments..
I want my class to be united and there is no gossips..team spirit..that is what i like//
I want my cca to perform well and i am good at encouraging others…but i am not daring enough to try out..
So you see..there are barriers that i have to overcome..
And i am fighting against it for years and years..and i am still fighting it even today..
I am trying to be more open..more friendly..trying to use better words..
I really want to get myself out of this circle..
My classmates see that i am quite chatty..but that will happen if there are class discussions..
Otherwise i will become really quiet..i simply had nothing to talk about..
I am not like them who can hang out all the time..
I got to go home and study..
Oh well i simply hate this problem of being unable to relate to others..how i wish someone will just help out a bit..
Get me involved in more acitivites that can bring out the real me..

 Hi!Last night i went for my ALG meeting and…


Last night i went for my ALG meeting and it was great! I love it! But the next meeting in on 27th june..haiya..
I am going to continue my 3rd day in shanghai and that day was my worst day..my mood totally sucks.. All because of me? You shall see..

3rd day in shanghai( worst day of my life)
Like i had mentioned in my previous post, i have to wake up very early..at 5.30am.
But to me its not really early..because i always have to wake up this time to prepare to go to school.
But instead of what we had earlier planned, we woke up at 5am.
Reason being..we had a bad sleep..
My sister..whenever she is sleeping..she will kick around and moove also..that i will be affected..
And then i got to push her back to her place as i myself had not much space left//
So almost the whole night before that morning, i had to wake up several times to push her back.
When i woke up, i thought i was late because the weather is bright..until i thought it was 8am.
I was a bit surprised when i found out its actually 5am.
Pack my things..ate cup noodles and soon we were down to my dad’s room.
Auntie winnie was a bit surprised when she found out that we were ready because there is still time.
After waiting for a while for my dad and auntie to get ready..we were ready to set off…we took our small bags//
We went downstairs first..without my auntie and my dad because suddenly my dad need to go to the toliet..
So during that time, my grandmother ask me whether we want to take a photo of the entrance to our hotel a not so that we can show other people when we are back in singapore..
My sister and i agreed and i took out my handphone and we took photos..
It was almost done when my dad and auntie reached downstairs..
Went into the hotel lobby and waited for my dad to check out our room..
From there..we took a taxi( which my dad called) to go to the train station..
Along the way i was really tired..almost falling asleep..kept on blinking my eyes to keep myself awake because i dont like to sleep in front of anyone..
Finally after what it seem like an eternity..we reached there..
Went to find our waiting area..but before that we had to go through a security check on our belongings..
So when we can get our bags..my grandmother rushed to take it..i was a bit angry because in a rush she also push people
Her reason was that she was scared that other people might take away our things..
Sat at our waiting area..and wait…
After a few minutes…the speaker announced that we can go in..
But some people was too impatient and got in first..resulting in a scolding by one of the officers..
After we went in,we were finding our seats..
Our seats were seperated so i sat with a stranger..but thanks to some people..i sat with my sister instead..
Soon the train starts moving..
During that trip to Hangzhou in the train..i slept..
Finally we reached there..and my auntie wanted to take a photo of that train so she took..
After that we went down to the entrance area..but along the way..my dad saw a bronchure about going to places with a tour guide and the price was cheap so he bought it..
Let me first tell you that i hate tour guides..they walk and talk so fast..i prefer touring alone..
But i couldnt disobey my dad so we went..
All the places that we went were boring..its about nature..and i bet my whole class prefers to sleep instead..
In one of the places..the tour guide let us take a break and so my sister bought a small bowl of what i dont know..
For me i dont really like to try new things..so i dont want to eat..
My grandmother asked me whether i want to eat a not..i said i dont want..
And when she asked the second time, i was a bit unhappy and reply the same answer..
My auntie heard it and she was pretty offended and started scolding me..oh well i was also quite bad..too
I also got talk back..my reason may be one of the rebellious types..
Reason is when she scold..can..but if she keep on adding on after scolding..that i cannot accept it..
Because she scolds me in public..i dont wish to be embarassed..i hate it so does everyone..
My dad was not around when she scold so when he came back he asked about it..
And she tell him..he just shook his head and say that i should know what i should do and not need him to repeat..
Then my auntie continued adding some more unkind words..in the end i say back to her saying’ Can you just keep quiet a not?’
She say she cant and continued..in the end i talk back some more..and she said that she can have the authority to leave me in shanghai..
I was very angry..this is called threatening! So I just said that i dont care..seriously/ i hate people who threaten!
So what if she is my auntie..she has no right to threaten..abusing her authority! And she ask me to watch out..
I dont care them after that except for my sister..i didnt stay near them..i walk on my own..
Later on when my sister joined me..my auntie warned her saying that if she get lost..its not their problem!
I just reassured my sister saying that we wont be lost no matter what.
I simply just dont care her words at all!
I hate to act this way..i was really hurt at that time..i just never showed it..
I ask my dad not to use scolding as threatening anymore and he ask me to behave myself first..
Adults hate to be corrected..so if that is the case then they shouldnt be threatening!
Abusing their authority..what is their motive? trying to instill fear in us is it??
Oh well for the rest of the day..i kept much to myself..
Ate dinner at macdonald and went back to the hotel..
The hotel room was small..a lot of things had to pay so we just went to sleep after bathing..

i shall end here

Hi again..Actually i should be studying now..but …

Hi again..

Actually i should be studying now..but i woke up late..so haha
OKay now i am going to write about my second day in shanghai..but firstly before that my mother had given birth to another baby!
This baby is called Nicole and that means i got three younger sisters now! Haha! She was born on the 9th June..
Ok ok lets start//
2nd day in shanghai
Woke up at around 7plus…saw my younger sister watching television..
She usually wake up earlier than me ..except for school days..when i wake up earlier than her..
Brush my teeth..then ate breakfast which was the bread that i bought the day before..
Usually i drank milo for breakfast so i also drank but its not nice..
After eating my breakfast, watch television…until my grandmother say that we should study..
I was super bored…read and read my science textbook..read till finish also still have to read again..
Cause my dad was working in the morning so we can only go out in the afternoon..

Soon, my dad came back..and we went out..
We went to a chinese temple..not really but the area around it because there is a lot of shops..
Its like chinatown..
Ate lunch at a chinese restraunt( spelled wrongly) ..the food was nice…
Just at that time i was tired..dont know why and i got into a bad mood.. not that i want. I was still hungry when we left and i just say it out.. i am a straightforward person.. so my dad wa a bit offended and told me sternly that he dont owe me anything. I never say that.

Usually after my dad scolded me, i will dont care him for a while to let my anger cool down. I dont know whether its right or wrong but i just got to let my anger cool down. So i did just that after lunch, slowly following behind them. When they visit a shop, i simply just dont have the mood and will just stand at the entrance of the shop, waiting. But after a while, when we visited a shop that sells shoes, my dad approached me and ask me to look around. By that time i was not angry and i just looked around…

I was thinking of buying a pair of sports shoes..so after looking through a few shops..i found one that i liked and bought it. We continued touring around until we were extremely tired. So we went to a nearby cafe and sat there..resting. I ordered a chocolate cake and a coke. Chocolate is always my favourite since young. While resting, my dad announced that we will be going to Hangzhou the next day and we have to wake up early to catch the train. This is especially so for my sister, grandmother and me because we will have to move our belongings down to my dad’s room so that we can check out our room. But we are only going Hangzhou for a day and will be coming back the day after tomorrow so i ask my dad. He told me that we can save money by checking out and checking in again when we come back. Oh well i juat kept quiet. After resting, we tour around again, this time i bought a pair of jeans. By the time we finished, its time for dinner. And we went to another chinese restruant. The food over there was not so nice as compared to lunch. After dinner, we took a cab back to our hotel. After reaching there, we went back into our rooms, bathed  and slept early.

Ok i shall continue tomorrow..hope that i can still remember..

 Hi! Im back……………………………..

 Hi! Im back……………………………………………………..oh well i got to be back..got to go to school!
Not now but soon and very soon!

If you were to ask me how is my trip to shanghai..i would just say that its full of ups and downs
Let me start my life on the 1st day going to shanghai
1st day:

Woke up at about 8am..was feeling nervous//
Cause it has been 2 years since i ever sat on a airplane..the last time i went to Hong Kong..
My sister was also well defintely more excited..and she started turning hyper
After doing the things that everyone should be doing when they are awake..i started using the computer..
Its seems like computer is part of my life for 1 hour everyday..hahas

After that ate breakfast..the breakfast was nice..its rice with tomato sauce..i not sure..got to ask my maid..hahha. Then read newspaper..lalala..read and read. Then suddenly auntie winnie( stepmum) came out of her room and remind us to bring some textbooks also.. i was a bit angry because we are going there for a holiday and a holiday is like a time where we can enjoy. And now i still have to bring all these for studying?? I didnt immediately go to my room and take my textbooks cause its quite early . But auntie winnie was impatient and started scolding me. That spoils my whole mood. I went to take my science textbook..quite interesting and put inside my bag.
Soon later my grandfather came and a while later, he drove us to the airport. Drop us there and he drove off..
We went in and wait for my grandmother( auntie winnie’s mum) and soon she arrived with her husband, youngest son and second daughter.. 
Once they arrived, we went in to check in our luggage..and then went to macdonald..
Ate a bit then soon we waved goodbye to them
Once we went in..took some sweets and immediately go to our waiting area due to time..
Soon they announced and we went in to the airplane..find our seats and sat down..
Then later the airplane took off..
During the flight.i watched 2 movies..quite funny
4 hours later, we reached shanghai..the airport was big.
Get our luggage and we took a taxi to the hotel..

Its already evening by the time we reached there..and that is the place where i met my dad..
He was there earlier due to business trip and upon seeing him..my sister hug him.
My sister is more of the expressive type while i am the oppposite.
Went into his room and its a apartment room! This is my first time so i was very happy
My dad and auntie went to check in for another room for my grandmother, sister and i
So while they were doing that..we were resting and chatting..
Soon they arrived and we went to our room but then we cannot go in because of the door problem and instead we go to another room..and its much bigger than my dad’s room//
Couldnt rest because we still havent had our dinner and we went out..
Took a taxi and went to the shopping area..its was nice and was crowded
Ate dinner at a japanese shop..food was nice//
Later we went into a supermarket..it was spacious ..very nice
Bought some food. 
Later on we went into a shop that sells many types of bread..
While looking around for one which would be my breakfast for the following day..i spotted some errors in english
Like Chocolate powder becoming chocolate power!
After that we went back to the hotel..in a taxi which we took so long to find..

Okay i shall stop here..

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