Never ending


4 more days to O-level. The thought of it excites me but scares me at the same time..

I am going to take things one step at a time…

I cannot answer that i am ready for it… step at a time..

Just this morning..i suddenly thought about the limitations of human relationships…

As in terms of how many close friends can a person make?

Close friends..meaning taking that special effort to know that person’s background, share common interests and constantly keeping in touch day in and day out..

Is it possible to have 200 close friends? Possible and to achieve that, you need millons of years for it..

I could not possibly make 30 close friends because this is not in my character..

I am just simply contented with making a few close friends..and i will make sure that the relationship is super strong..

And so it happens that there is a sharp distinction between the way i treat my friends and my good friends..

Not that i want to..anyway

But its hard for me to take that special effort to know each of my friends personally..

Random thoughts coursing through my head…coming soon next time:)


School is unoffically over…

Today was the last day of school lessons…

It ended the way i wanted, peaceful and serene with a quietful calm..

Just like the way when i first entered into secondary school..

Seeing my friends and classmates laughing and taking photos to keep as mementos..i am happy for them

The bunch of memories bulit up over the last four years cannot be contained or kept anywhere else execpt in my heart..

There were good experiences and bad situations…all these things formed and moulded my character

I never regret..

I sincerely wish my friends all the best for their upcoming O-level examinations..

I want everyone to be smiling on the day they received their results..that their efforts would not be in vain..

Friends Forever Poem

A promise for eternal devotion that goes beyond the grave.

Being A Friend

© Trenda N. Sparks

We have something that holds us together
Something that made us both better
Something called being a friend
It makes the fun never end
And it helps me to know that when
I am down and blue
Because you’re my friend
I can count on you
We run through life without a care
Would anyone try to part us?
They wouldn’t dare
And when the time comes for me to go
I really want for you to know
That even though my life has come to and end
I will never stop being your friend

Poem Source: Being A Friend, Friends Forever Poems


Busy surfing through websites just now..

I found it meaningless…i have no idea what exactly i am using computer purpose

Unless you got something that you need…or want..using the internet is really meaningless..

Its just like shopping..if you do not have anything in mind..walking through rows and rows of shops is useless.

That is why i do not love shopping. I can get all the things in the world but if i actually do not need it..what is the point?

So i blog..i found it more meaningful..being able to slow down and realise that i am still the same deep inside in a ever changing world

I disagree that money buys happiness….

People say that those people who disagree are those people who never experience the life of being rich before..

Is that true? No..

I would rather be poor and be in a loving family rather than being in a rich but broken family driven by greed..

Of course being rich does not equal to no happiness..absolute no

Its just like all enzymes are proteins but not all proteins are enzymes..

What is your defintion of happiness? Its a fact that you cannot be happy every single second but you can choose to be positive.

Happiness to me? Contentment, living a meaningful be able to say i have no be a stronger person..

Just basically getting through every circumstance with HOPE.

Its the small little things that keeps me happy..

The small act of kindness..

The simple touch of concern..

The little funny and sometimes lame jokes..

All these acts keeps me happy and refreshed:)

Love to observe

In the midst of busy prepartions for the upcoming O-level…

I always tend to reflect more..Appreciate more

Its always when i encounter stressful times like this..that i really stop and think about my life..

I love to observe people..

Their actions and behaviour shows a special quality about each one of them…..

Or simply put, i am interested in people with different personalities..especially in a group..the difference is even more obvious..

We all observe..right?

Of course right emphasis is on studies..but i cannot place total emphasis on it also..

Its not my life…its just a part of it..

I love literature. Thanks to literature, i became more aware of the little small things around me, gained new perspectives of life and to realise that each person has different shining qualities even though there are the bad side too.

Complement literature with history..the blend is awesome..history is to learn the past events and avoid making the same mistakes that people in the past has done…

Life becomes more meaningful with literature..the expression of people’s thoughts and feelings

Although at this moment in time, i could not be possibly be unleashing all my thoughts but i will someday..

8 more days…..

This coming week will be so called the last week of school lessons..

By now, i do not care about how others thought or say about me…

I did that on Friday with a clear conscience…

It might seems that i am harming on the surface to many people..

But in fact its actually the opposite deep down inside..but even she could not see it

I have just decided to be selfish now…

Studying alone with ear plugs plugged in with music soothing my mood..

Talking only if necessary or to my friends who are really studying for O-level

To all those who are just wanting to waste their life away by dumping O-level..i am just going to heck care..

Its time to really take care of myself..worry for nothing since they are not worrying..

I have certain princples which i had held on to since young…and i will not compromise on it just for anyone..

To all my friends who are busy mugging for O-level..Jiayous! Sleep well too!


The nervous anticipation as the man paced up and down the room. The grin of happiness that never left his face since the time he woke up. The knowledge that something special is going to happen today keeps him bursting with boundless enegry. And when it finally occured, no words can describle that priceless moment….and that this will be the day he will never forget. He poured out his excitement with his relatives, friends and even students..

I am one of his students who learnt about it through sms..haha

This man is my history teacher..who just became a father for the second time today

I was very surprised when i read the sms, he did not informed my class that his wife was pregnant earlier..haha

Congrats! What is even cooler is that  his first child shares the same birthday date with this new baby sibling too! haha

Currently He is on reservice! What a perfect time especially since O-level is less than 20 days away…..i cannot blame him too much

So independant learning is a Must..oh well for me it already was..

But i do feel not so confident sometimes without the presence of a teacher..oh well make do with it

O-level is less that 20 days away..

Everyone is busy mugging away regardless teacher is around..

Some decided to just stay home and not go to school at all..although in my opinion..its not really smart to do that..

Right now the only thing i could talk about is studies…..

And so i feel bored if i were to hear other me studying is first prioity..

However i also need to rest…i do not want to fall ill right on the start of O-levels..

I have tried to help  my friend as far as possible..but i cannot continue at the expense of my studies..

No one can help you unless you help yourself…

Its up to her right now..

Give you warnings, but to you it seems like i threaten..its for your own good..

Oh well right now i just be a friend who help you if necessary..