Good morning people!Today like i said i will be g…

Good morning people!

Today like i said i will be going to borrow some books
So that when school reopens..i can read some books
Oh ya talking about that i realised that i haven do all my homework..omg
Better faster do..
i wont be really posting long long paragraphs cause i really dont know what to write
So takes care and bye

Seriously i should be doing something homework
But i dont have that motivation to do it..
Just now i had been reading people blogs..some of them went out..some on world news
It is like each of them had something to do and a goal to finish it..
With this, i ask myself what is my goal?
Without goals, life will be empty..and soon you will start to treat it as a dread
Now my goal is to finsh my homework..and one of them will be homework
Supposed to draw a self-portarit of my is my weakest subject..
I simply cant draw well..i am  more of the writing i can only depend on God to help me..
Then another thought come across my mind,,

In school, i have some close friends..and my class dont really like me a lot
I did not do anything to is just that i love to answer questions in class..
If they dont like me because of that..i got nothing to say..
All i can do is to seek out every possible reason of why is it happening..\
But i wont change..because of them
This is my character..nothing changes
Maybe God want me to go through this so that i may become a stronger person..
His plan are so one knows
But he did this to prepare me for the future..he knows what is going to happen
And i trust him fully..


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