Good morning! have you had your breakfast? …

 Good morning! have you had your breakfast? haha i had my breakfast already!

Well let me start by telling you about yesterday, to improve my memory..i dont know whether it is true..HAHAHA
Yesterday my auntie(stepmum) sent me to tampines library in late morning..
cause she say it is quite near and ask me whether i am ok with it..
Of course i am..if you all dont know ..i actually plan to meet someone at mrt station..secretly
I feel quite bad to not let my dad know..but my plans may not be the way they want so never tell

Spent 1 hour in the library..halfway someone ask me whether there is anyone sitting at my table..and i accidentally say yes
Accidentally! not purposely! but he just walked off and i never stop him..i feel quite bad
I was telling myself..must get out off this place soon! later he think i i quickly take a quick glance on every page
About half an hour i was out..
Went to tampines mall..tour around..started to feel boring because i cannot spend money
I was trying to know what time..finally 1pm came
And i went to the Mrt station to wait for angela..i need to pay her money  to buy something
Wait and wait until 1.20..she was still not there..after 10 minutes i quit and bought 2 curry puffs..
I was about to go inside when i saw angela..rush to her
She saw me, she knew that i waited quite long for her and showed me that sorry look
I forgive her money and went home

At home i was reading my library books..till about evening when i went to my grandmother house.
Reached there, they asked me whether i could eat dinner with them at the coffeeshop as they didnt cook
I called back my house and tell wati kaka not to cook dinner for me…she haven cook yet
After that they went for their excerise while i stay at their house and watch tv
After a while, my grandfather called me and ask me to come down..
I came down and ate dinner with them..
My grandfather was a very wise man..sometimes you never tell him your problems..
He can just give you the correct advice that you need..he inspire me..but sadly he wasnt a chirstian
He gave me some advice while eating..we ate curry fish head and fried rice
After that he sent me home, reached home my dad asked me how come i ate dinner with them
I said that they didnt cook and last minute inform me that they want me to eat dinner with them
Then he ask this question which made me very disappointed with him
Is it you know that they are not cooking  then you go to their house?
I was shocked but i didnt shout at him..i want to but he is my dad
I just tell him..that is not true and if he dont trust my grandad

I was thinking,’ you think what? i very greedy is it? go to their house because of food? they are my grandparents! and what is wrong eating with them? we hardly spent time with them! why cant i eat with them!’
but throughout i just kept quiet and do  my own things
This morning, my stepmum and maid quarrelled over food..
I just kept quiet and didnt do anything..
But before they quarrelled,stepmum go and ask wati kaka(maid) about me eating with my grandparents>.< 
Questions like:’ did she tell you about she not eating dinner before she go to grandparents house? and more!
I was disappointed in her too..they dont even trust me!
What is this? am i a bad person? you want to find fault with me?? Fine!! go ahead i am not gonna care!

This afternoon i am going to city harvest church..finally
I am just happy to know that my friends still trust me!


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