Good morning people!How is the weather? i k…

 Good morning people!
How is the weather? i know it is very bad..keep on raining..dont even know what is the cause of it

Well as you all know, i went library yesterday afternoon..about 12.50pm when i stepped out
Cause that time, the weather was not raining so go off
Reached Bedok Interchabge at 1.10pm..went library.
But before that i bought a magazine..every week i will buy
Went library, read my magazine abd then also some books..
After a while i decided to leave..but still raining so stay a bit longer..
Finally i left despite the weather and walk to the bus interchange
Walk and walk..was slowly getting impatient because people were slow in walking..until i felt like yelling at them
But of course i didnt..waited for bus 229 and then it came..
Hop on the bus and i travelled to the convience shop near my school…to buy food
Bought cup noodles and then ate it and go home

The way home was a bit tough cause the road, everything was wet..and some more the wind was strong
But i still managed to reach home..hahaha
Bathed and then read my new books..there was a book where the story go in reverse order and i was trying to understand how it goes
The rest of the day went smoothly..

Today i am going to stay home..tomorrow then i go out
Every night before i sleep, i always think of a very wild
I imagine of my family kana car accident..then all died except me
I know this is kind of crazy to think but i really dont know why..maybe i am bored 
But anyway i wont be having any thoughts about it now..i gtg bye


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  1. Anonymous
    Mar 13, 2008 @ 14:39:10

    Hi Zoe,

    Happy Holidays.

    Saw your blog on your HP thingy. Keep in touch via MSN and Friendster.


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