I have not blogged for last month..

Let me just share with you what i have been up to..

I attempted to try working at swensons …my first time working in F & B

But i quit after 2 days..

Its my fault for giving up so easily and my impatience with people…and my habit of worrying excessively

But no matter what i will not go into that kind of business..

As i do not like working in shifts and having to work on weekends

In fact it only serves to tell me that i should work in office..business

At least i got proper lunch and dinner and i do not have to work on weekends!

So for one month after that i stopped working..

I have no idea how it went..

But i know i am going brain dead..

And so last week i worked in a clearance sale with shimin..

She joined me for 3 days..so my work in retail was not unbearable

Stand for 9 hours a day..1 hour of break in between..

It was tiring and boring..

But i met some nice people there…so it was not that bad

Actually after working a bit in F&B and retail..i appreciate the people working there more

Especially because i am not suited for it

Long hours of standing but have to put on a gracious front is not easy

Facing unpleasant customers but yet have to speak politely…

Bravo i must say


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