Waiting in God’s timing can be tiring

I believe that in this season of waiting and looking for a job, i am learning and growing in my walk with God. I am learning to trust in Him more than ever before.

This is the first time in my life that i am experiencing life like this whereby i do not know where i will be tomorrow or next week. I do not know when i will ever get the job, where exactly i am working in and all. I really am clueless. All i know is God will provide me the job in His timing. I cannot measure God’s timing though.

I do not know if i am doing enough now. I look and apply for jobs on weekdays. My weekends are spent volunteering in IMH  and church. It is not like i am being passive or anything. I do not rush myself also, i look at the job scope carefully before applying because i know that i need to have some interest towards it.

There is a voice in my head which is constantly testing my faith by making me feel like i have not done enough. A lot of maybes and i am getting confused. Questions like should i get a part time job if i really cannot find my desired job now? Should i volunteer more at other places? Is it right that i am just waiting like this everyday? There are so many options but i

Sometimes i reach the point of not even wanting to mention this job issue because i am tired of having to say the same things over and over again without having a concrete answer. I do not have a very detailed answer. All i know is i am going to work in social work towards youths and families because my interest is in there. I do not have any specific organization that i am very interested in, i leave it to God to open the door for me.

I thank God that in this season of waiting, i get to spend more time doing my hobbies and meeting my friends. I thank God for the opportunity to spend more time with God also and resting in His love.

It is really a journey of faith now. There are so many questions that only God can answer in His time. I know that my days are ordained in His book and i will never ever fall out of God’s hands. For all i know, God probably will not give me the job unless i learn certain lessons in this season of waiting. I need to learn to live like a child of God and strengthen myself in His word.

FIX MY EYES ON CHRIST AND NOT ON CIRCUMSTANCES ( i have to do this everyday to remind myself) I know that my future is secured, i just need to learn how to surrender and let go and tell God.



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