Living as a child of God

In this current season whereby i am still in the process of looking for a job, i am also learning how to live as a child of God. Knowing God is one thing, knowing who i am in relation to God in my life is a whole new paradigm shift. Living as a child of God is a deliberate daily effort to fix my eyes on Him above my circumstances and walking by faith knowing that i am always loved in spite of how i may feel.

Who is God to me?

To me, God is my Savior, Creator, King, Lord, Counselor, Lover, Friend, Healer, Author and Defender. Describing who God fully represents in a word is not possible at all. The most intimate term that i like to describe my relationship with God is that He is my daddy God. He is a God of the universe and a loving Father to me also.

So often than not, i will just let my relationship with God end on this level and i will not think about who i am in relation to God. Because i find myself lacking, i will forever be lacking and so when bad times come, i will end up falling apart. My identity as a child of God was not firmly rooted in my heart. It is one thing to know it in my head, it is a whole different thing to absorb and live out this truth in my heart.

As i grow older, i start to slowly see the significance of what Jesus has actually done when He died for the cross for everybody. His death on the cross did not just simply take away our sins, He also gave us new identities as sons and daughters of God to those who believe in Him and made a way for all of us to approach God freely without having to be afraid or shameful. We are approved in God’s sight because Jesus has paid the price for us.

What does being a child of God means?

I can freely come to God anytime without feeling condemned or unworthy because Jesus has paid the price for my sins.

I am unconditionally loved and accepted which means i do not have to seek for approval from others because i am already approved by God who created me and knows me intimately.

I am part of God’s family and i have a divine inheritance in which i can freely come to God to ask for His wisdom, power and courage. The Holy Spirit is inside of me which testifies to me being a child of God.

My eternity is secured and death has no power over me.

I do not need to worry about the future because God has marked out my future in His Hands and He will provide for all of my needs.

I am God’s workmanship, God will mold me to be like Him as i choose to follow and obey Him. He is the author of my story. I do not need to think too much on what i am lacking.

Living out as a child of God is not an automatic thing because i am a human and it is so easy to get swayed and caught up in the things and voices of this world. The voices of the world that everybody is living in is not kind at all. It is harsh, it emphasizes humans’ worth based on what they can do and not in who they are. This world wants to see concrete results such as accomplishments, awards, profits and status which does not fully answer the longings of unconditional love and acceptance that all humans seek for deep within. This world demands for conformity to its standard of success which looks glamorous but shallow deep within and it does not take into account the uniqueness of every individual.

Living out as a child of God is never possible based on my human strength. The Holy Spirit in me is the One who helps me to live it out. My relationship with God is not something that i brainwashed myself into, it is a living relationship that gets tested by the unpredictability of life most of the time.

This current season of life that i am living in now is pushing me onto a whole new level of walking with God. I am applying for social service jobs purely on faith. I am not even looking for other jobs. I get tested with many what if thoughts every day. I do not know when i will actually start working. I am not even rushing myself so hard to apply or get too frantic by the bad news in job markets because living as a child of God means that i have a God who has me in His Hands and that i will get a job on His timing eventually.

Living as a child of God means that i do not need to live according to the demands of this world. I freely entrust everything to God first and always. Each time i feel shaken, i turn to God. I place my trust on who God is and who i am in relation to God. I do this by reading the Bible so that i know who God is and worshiping Him. On my part, i have to remind myself of who i am in God and God will take care of the rest. I am so thankful that each time i come to God, He draws close to me with His loving presence and peace that surpasses all human understanding. My rest and soul is made complete in His presence which i will never take it for granted. Such a precious gift that is made available to anybody who believes in Him. Walking with God is an adventure simply because i do not know what is coming next but my future is guaranteed in His Loving Hands.



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