Staying close to God

Happy New Year!

It has been quite a while since i last blogged because i was so busy with school work and other stuff that i didn’t have the time to do it. Currently i am on a study break for a week before my exams begins at the end of this month.

Yes i have turned 21 already! A fully legal adult (not much difference though, maybe the difference starts coming when i need to sign forms and i don’t need parental consent hahaha) I held a 21st birthday party and it was a really memorable and happy day for me as i get to see all my friends and family in one place at one time. I am thankful to God for blessing me with them. I also managed to express out my gratitude to all of them ( in a half sobbing/awkward manner cos i felt so vulnerable) but i am thankful that i did it. I want to break through the barrier that i have which is expressing my affection verbally. I tend to always do it through social media but i know that i can do better than that.

I thank God for sustaining me through this semester especially because there were so many other things going on from the passing of my grandmother to my birthday party and all the festivities in between. It can get really hard to concentrate at times. In the midst of rushing through all those assignments, i also neglected the need to take a rest and also spending time with God. I really need to take note of this aspect.

For the past 3 nights, i have been attending Kingdom Invasion conference and i left with a sense of purpose and passion in my spirit to stay close to God and fulfill His will for my life. It was my second time attending (the first time was back in 2013). I went to the conference without knowing or expecting much. But i left knowing deep down in my spirit that there is no time to waste because God is coming back soon and before He appears, He will release more of His power and love on earth to His people so that His people can shine and lead more people to Him. For God does not want anyone to perish, but to have eternal life with Him.

Before this conference, i personally think that we are in the era of the last days as the world is becoming increasingly more and more chaotic without stopping. It seems like darkness is prevailing. But all hope is not gone because just as the world is becoming more and more chaotic, God is going to strengthen and make His people shine and be clearly seen among the world as His ambassadors of love and peace. The darker the darkness is, the brighter the light will be.

I felt renewed and i know that i have to be more disciplined in my ways if i want to stay close to God and know and do whatever He calls me to do.  One major takeaway from the conference was that faith is built by placing it on God Himself not on myself or my own strengths of trying to build that faith because i am limited and weak.

Staying close to God keeps that faith going and propels it to new heights. Staying close to God also helps in able to discerning accurately the will of God on what He wants to do.  Staying close to God keeps you away from traps, bondage and dangers of this world because what looks good on the surface may not be that good actually deep inside. Staying close to God is relying on Him every single day, knowing that strength and love comes from Him alone to run the race of life well. Staying close to God is knowing His presence and being in communion with Him, knowing that you are never alone wherever you are because He is with you always. Staying close to God will keep you rooted on His Word and His promises. Staying close to God will help you to see and love people from His perspective. Staying to God keeps you humble because you see God’s hand in everything and that you cannot accomplish it by your own human will.




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