It is Your Presence in my life that satisfies

From now till mid Sept, i will be really busy doing and submitting assignments. During stressful periods like this when my energy level gets really low, i will tend to not think of anything at all and just rest. I know i need to get away from people when my energy levels are low because i tend to get more annoyed really easily and i don’t feel like talking at all.

My main source of encouragement and energy comes from spending time with God and releasing everything to Him. But its get harder for me to spend time with Him during busy periods where i will be more concerned about getting my work done quickly. And that in part causes my energy levels to fall down more quickly than usual because i am not getting any energy bar refills. I am still learning on letting go and trusting God. To make time for Him even in the midst of all the busyness, because everything is in His Hands after all and there is no need for me to worry so much over it.

This song is one of my favorite christian songs. Indeed it is Your Presence in my life that satisfies.


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