Underlying issues

i started this blog for an intention to release all my thoughts and feelings, so I don’t have any need to please anybody who come across this blog. It is an outlet for me to vent when I have nowhere else to go to.

I do have underlying issues that pulls me down because I know that the price is too high for me to pay if I open it up to somebody. Only God knows. I know that healing comes from opening up. But I don’t have anybody I fully trust, that the person will not judge or change his/her impression of me because of that issue. 

But I know that I cannot keep it to myself forever. I thought I could and get over it myself with God’s strength. But now I realised I can’t, because if I were to break, nobody else will know about it. 

So I can only pray that God will send me a person to help me. A person that I can really trust. I do trust people in general but not fully especially when it comes to sensitive issues like this. But I need to open up, because if not I will keep doing foolish stuff and it is not right for myself. 


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