Praying in tongues

Finally i prayed in tongues today. Praying in tongues is simply praying under the influence of the Holy Spirit, basically speaking in a unknown language. Praying in tongues is a sign of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and more importantly its purpose is to edify ( build up) the individual himself when he is praying. It helps a lot especially in times when the individual wants to present a request or other stuff to God but he/she cannot find the right words. That is when the Holy Spirit inside the believer would step in and help the believer to present the prayer to God in the best way possible even though the believer does not mentally understand the language that he/she is praying in. That is also one of the reasons why it is also a sign of the baptism of the Holy Spirit for you cannot mentally try to pray in tongues based on your efforts or knowledge.

I actually first received the gift of praying in tongues when i was 16, during a altar call of a  church youth camp that i was attending in, However i was not sure whether i really received it because i was thinking that it must be me making it all up by myself and i was afraid that whatever i babble out was just plain nonsense. Even after the camp, i did not practice it because of fear. I did not want anybody else to know that i received it. So i just put it at the backseat, and i thought that i lose it.

However as i grew up in the Lord, i slowly understand the importance of praying in tongues. Praying in tongues helps to edify the individual himself. And i got upset that i sort of lose the gift, but i actually didn’t. For me, there are times when in my heart i can feel the babbling of tongues, like hearing the language but when i try to speak it, often i will find myself stumbling and pausing in between. I spoke to my pastor about this issue and he said that i was in the initial phrase and that i should try to practice more with confidence.

Today afternoon, i prayed to God to help me in this and He answered my prayer. While i am worshiping God and listening to music, i slowly let go of being in control and let God take over. And i did it! It felt so surreal to be honest, even though i do not understand what i am saying but i felt uplifted and being at peace. I know that it is not me trying on my human efforts and i thank God for helping me to get over all those barriers i had in this area.

Now i just need to practice more ( letting God come in and take control) in my prayer life. It feels so good knowing that the deepest areas of my heart is able to communicate clearly to God now because of the Holy Spirit’s guidance. In the past, i will just end up staying quiet and telling God to do it for me because i do not know what to say or i cannot properly express. But now with the Holy Spirit inside me helping me to pray in tongues, i can truly communicate every single thing to Him. 🙂

Praying in tongues is a step of faith for me. It is a gift for every believer in Christ and i am thankful that God is so patient with me. It took me 5 years for this, but that is because of my own barriers. I am glad that i am kicking down all the barriers i have for God to have his way in me.


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