Church camp Reflections

Typing this post out in a groggy state thanks to my medicines for my cough and sore throat but i want to share.

This camp helped me to reach a significant milestone personally and all credit goes to God.

I went into the camp needing rest and encouragement badly because i felt that i am running out of energy. My performance for school this semester was not that good because i feel that i did not give my best and i went into some emotional upheaval myself.

The theme for this church camp is moving up to the next level in God and it focuses primarily on the power and characteristics of the Holy Spirit. I was reminded and encouraged once again on what i can do with the Holy Spirit inside me and that God will never leave me no matter what the circumstances are.

More importantly i felt that God has healed me of all my past hurts and i am a new person in Him. It is so impactful to me because i have been struggling to get over my past for the past few years through prayer and forgiveness. Practically i have been making attempts to get over and stopped letting my past hold me back. In this camp i felt God telling me that the past is really all over, its all over. I do not have to think about it anymore or worry that it might resurface again. I felt renewed like i am standing on new ground. All i have to do is to look forward and let God guide me. I am also reassured once again that i am making the right career choice also and my job now is just to go and transform the world with what God has given me.

I thank God for His unending love and mercy upon my life. I can see clearly how God has carried me through my difficult times. That He has kept me close to Him and put me on steady ground and giving me the wisdom to make the right choices when i was in stormy times is really amazing because i could have gone off course. I felt like i am a new person, starting anew on a clean slate and all i really want is to continue to do His will and stay close to God for the rest of my life.  I know that God will take care of every area in my life and all i need to do is to trust Him.


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