Thoughts on relationship

I do have thoughts about relationship and also marriage because i always tend to think long term. But i usually don’t express much verbally or in writing because of my reservations and also it does not come up much in conversations. I tend to just tell God and keep my thoughts in to myself.

Definitely just like most people, i will want to get married one day. I know that i don’t have to worry much about this issue because i believe that God knows which person is best for me and as long as i keep my eyes on God, He will lead me to the man right for me one day.

I do not dare to give myself too many expectations on how a guy should be because i am not that perfect as well. I am not up there in terms of physical looks. For me, if there is a thing that is holding me back, it would be thoughts on my complicated family background. I am not that obsessed with the fact that i am not good looking, i am more anxious about how the guy will adjust to my family especially when it can get complicated at times.

Of course i would definitely want a guy who is also a christian because sharing the same values and beliefs will benefit a lot when conflict arises. I am more focused on character, that the guy loves God as much as i do and that he is firm in his beliefs so that he can stop me from being so stubborn at times. A person who can challenge me to be better. Being humorous and adventurous etc are all bonus aspects.

I am not really a person who will take initiative in this kind of relationship. I am more of an observer because i tend to be more realistic on such issues. I do have some trust issues so i find it hard for me to open up entirely in a relationship. Currently i am more focused on making myself to be more independent and there are still many things i have to learn. I will wait upon God to meet my future husband. If i don’t and end up being single, i will be fine too because God is with me and He provide for my every need. I won’t feel incomplete just being alone because i am complete in the eyes of God. My future husband is my partner and he does not complete me, he is a partner who helps me to be better than what i am before.


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