Recently i have been really being aware of how much technology in general has subconsciously affected my life.

I do know that i am exposed to it every single day but do not really know how huge the impact is. When i start to be more aware of it, that is when i realized that i am trapped in it.

What is the big deal anyway? Everybody are trapped in it as well. Subconsciously using phone or any other gadgets to replace boredom, subconsciously looking for WiFi in public places and it is the norm nowadays.

Personally i think that it is more harmful to me in the long run. It is like i cannot live without it. I have sort of an anxiety when i am without it. I find myself getting restless not knowing what else to do. Using the phone is like an safety net for me, whereby i can use it to justify myself for not doing certain stuff or knowing what is going on because i am busy.

I am not against the idea of using gadgets but i do think that we need to be more aware of how it affects us in the long run. Various researches have pointed out that communication between people face to face have greatly reduced because of these gadgets. People are not that observant anymore or having the right skills to communicate directly face to face. I also think that people have become less helpful because they are too busy being engrossed in their gadgets, failing to observe the environment around them. Regarding issues of anxiety, i think it is currently an hidden issue because the whole world is sucked into it.

Just try to imagine a day without all these technology, what will you be doing to get through the day? Will you be anxious? Or will you find ways to do more productive activities like chatting with loved ones or playing sports?

Social media have emphasized on the “now” moment. Through the various platforms, everybody is able to see what are the latest news and photos of their friends and family. But don’t you realize that while you are busy reading their latest posts, your present moment is slowly slipping away from you? A lot of unnecessary envy and discontent have rise out from social media platforms because humans in general like to compare without making the best of their present moments.

Do you remember when was the last time you felt that you are really living the present moment? Not being distracted by technology, not being distracted by thoughts of the past or what to do next. But just being contented and concentrated on the present moment? For me, i do not really remember much of these present moments. This is what distractions will do to us in the long run if we fail to be aware, time will just slip pass our fingers without us knowing it. Moments that are meant to be appreciated for what it is will be undervalued because we are too busy taking photos of it to get that perfect shot, conversations that could be deeper and personal will be undervalued because we are too busy talking and looking about other people lives based on what we see from social media which may not be necessairly true all the time.

Are we still going to use all these social media platforms 50 years from now? Will our generation be a generation where we stored our photos and memories on social media instead of having a hardcopy photo album? It seems fine right now, but it is like we are putting our lives out for the entire world to see. Do we really need to do that?

How to then get out of this trap? Discipline. Learning to focus on the present moment without any distractions. Realize that it is not a real need to get updated about social media stuff. Do something else instead. Post not out of because you have to but because you want to share something memorable or meaningful. Spend your life making each moment count outside technology, not count how many moments have passed.


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