Learning to live in freedom

Holidays are finally here!

I am so thankful for it. I really need a break from all the busyness i have in my life. I need to have time alone to myself, to think about certain issues deeply and to gather strength. This past trimester has been really more difficult because i did not have enough rest before this. In my previous one month holidays, i was busy either catching up with friends or being involved in church activities and i felt that my brain did not rest at all. So this time i am going to spend more time in solitude, which may involve staying away from social media and the internet and get my much needed rest.

Learning to live in freedom. What is it?

When i mean by freedom, i am not talking about the holidays that i am in now. It is more of an attitude. The freedom that i found in Christ. To experience the fullness of what it means to be a child of God and to understand it.

Freedom in Christ means that we do not need to let the pressures of society dictate the way we live, define our priorities and having to do things to make us feel accepted by society. For our confidence and worth are already found in Christ, when we put our trust in Him. We know that our future is secure in His hands and He will take care of us. We know that nothing can separate us from His love and nothing can break His promises to us.

It is truly liberating when i experience and understand what that means. I would not say that i have gotten there yet where i can confidently live that out every single day because it is just so easy to give in to those pressures. Especially so when i am constantly busy without ample rest and all i can do is to just keep swimming. Rest is really important for it helps me to re-align my perspectives and brings back to awareness of my fundamental values. It is an attitude of faith whereby i know that i am free in Christ regardless of how i feel.

Freedom in Christ means that God forgives my past mistakes and love me for who i am and forgives me each time i confess my sins to Him. Frankly i found that hard to believe at first especially when i keep doing the same mistakes again and again. I do not have enough faith and think that i should be punished first instead before forgiveness comes. I define God’s grace according to what i think it should be which is not right at all. For God is not confined by my limited perspective of Him and how i feel. The essence of God is love and i am still learning to embrace it fully and experience that freedom.

Basically it all comes down to faith. The trust that God will always be around and in control of whatever circumstances i am in. God is already doing all those things and all i need to do is to believe and surrender everything to Him. I believe God does not want me to define myself according to my failures but by the fact that i am his child with assurances of His promises.

Freedom in Christ essentially is believing beyond things that we see. To hold on to God’s promises and to act out in faith. The benefits of experiencing that freedom is really indescribable. To know that no matter what life brings, God will fulfill His plans for us and He is with us eternally. God never fails.


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