Happy New Year!

2015 is here already!

To be honest, i am not ready to embrace a new year just yet. 2014 has passed by way too fast and i don’t have time to even catch a breath. These past few days i had been busy with school assignments. Or rather these past few weeks i have been either staying at home doing school work or going out with things to do. The only time i get to rest was when i sleep at night.

I am definitely feeling super productive at this pace but i am getting really tired. My last assignment due before exams is on 7 Jan and my first exam paper is on 12 Jan. I just can’t wait for holidays to come!

Anyway i spent my last minutes of 2014 in church. It is my first time as i always spend the countdown at home. It wasn’t as bad as i thought frankly hahaha because i thought its gonna be boring. And also i gave a testimony in church! So relieved that i manage to deliver it well. I made this impromptu decision to give a testimony 2 days before at night when i was worshiping God privately. I was in that mood to really give thanks and so i sent a sms to Pastor informing him. After the mood die down, i was literally shocked at what i just done haha. Anyway i am happy, happy to thank God for He deserves all the glory. 2014 was a year where i witnessed His work on my life in many of my situations and I am deeply grateful.

New year resolutions? Well i do not usually have a specific plan because i do not want to end up regretting.

I just want to get even more closer to God this year and challenge myself to be more like Him.

I want to be more expressive in my love for people, want to open up more.

I want to stay and look young for as long as i can so that i will not look so old when i am with my siblings ( which literally means i need to exercise and eat healthier)

These resolutions are lifelong and it reflects my deepest desires. My ultimate resolution is to see God’s goodness in every circumstance and to be better than the day before.


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